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With Recent Victory, Seth Baczynski Looks For Bigger Name Opponent

After Seth Baczynski (17-6) knocked out Simeon Thoresen (17-3-1) at UFC 152, he thinks he deserves a spot among the top names in the division.

“I would love to fight a top-five, top 10 guy, but by the same token, I’ll fight anyone they give me,” said Baczynski on MMA Junkie Radio. “It doesn’t matter to me. The way I look at it, I’m just going to keep winning. If I have to beat 20 guys to get to where I want to go, then that’s what I’m going to have to do.”

Baczynski is on a six fight win streak, where the last four victories have come from under the UFC name.

“You always want to fight the top competition,” said Baczynski. “That’s why I got in this sport, to compete against the best. Of course you want to make it a little more lucrative, and I like having that pressure and going out there and performing. You do that on the main card.”