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Ed Soares Discusses Brazilian Reaction To New UFC 153 Card

Ed Soares has seen the Brazilian’s react in a positive way after the top two matches of UFC 153 were scrapped at the same time due to injury. In place of this, the UFC has announced that Anderson Silva (32-4) will fight in front of his home country.

“People at first were really buzzing about how this card was a disaster, but the UFC always has a way of pulling rabbits out of a hat,” said Soares on MMA Interviews. “That’s what they did again. They were able to put this together and save the event.”

There have been a high amount of injuries lately Soares stated, but he didn’t see it as a huge problem.

“It’s just the fight business. I’m not sure what’s happening. It seems like there are more injuries now days than before, but I also think that there are more events happening,” said Soares. “So it seems like there are more injuries. It’s a little bit of an epidemic right now.”