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Danny Castillo Thinks He Can Bring Michael Johnson To The Ground

Danny Castillo (14-4) labels his takedown as one of the best in the business and looks for it when he takes on Michael Johnson (11-6).

“I’ve taken just about every single person I ever fought down,” said Castillo to MMA Interviews. “Who knows how the fight goes, but I feel I can take anyone down in the lightweight division. It’s my strong suit. I’m always looking to close all of these other gaps, but wrestling is something I can fall back on.”

Both men will enter the fight with a win streak going. The two were supposed to fight at UFC 151 before it was cancelled. They will now fight on October 5 at UFC on FX 5.

If Castillo can’t end the fight with his takedown, he always has his right hand.

“I feel my right hand can end any fight,” said Castillo. “It’s just a matter of placing it perfectly. I feel I can finish any fight.”