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Anthony Johnson Ready For Light Heavyweight After Weight Cutting Issues

Cutting weight has been an issue for Anthony Johnson (11-4), who has now switched for the third time in his career to a heavier weight class. His manager Glenn Robinson feels the move will make him a better fighter.

“Anthony’s a realistic person and when he realized that his body just couldn’t handle those large weight cuts anymore, he was very acceptable to what his future had to be,” said Robinson. “I expect him to do some great things quickly.”

Johnson has fought as a welterweight and middleweight in the past and will make his light heavyweight debut tonight.

“He wants to get back to where he was, and where his status should be if things didn’t go sour for him,” said Robinson. “He’s very willing to do what he needs to do to get back to the top.”

Throughout his career Johnson has missed weight four times, including his last two fights that took place this year.

Robinson notes how he checks on his weight daily to make sure he’s on the right track.

“Nothing has really changed,” said Robinson. “His drive is probably as strong as it’s ever been. I can say this first hand because not only do I talk to the coaches every day and get a report card on him, but I also go and watch him train.”

Johnson vs. Esteves Jones (8-3-1 NC) takes place tonight, August 24, at TFC 24.

“He’s just a naturally gifted athlete,” said Robinson. “He’s got so much talent, I believe he’s got the ability to do some really great things in the 205 pound division, and weight’s not really a factor in terms of how he fights, [and] he’s just as talented at 205 as he was at any of the lower weights.”