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Tito Ortiz Says He Created UFC Light Heavyweight Division’s Weight Limit

Before the UFC divided its fighters in weight classes, it was normal for someone to be double their opponent’s weight. That all changed as the UFC progressed and introduced different weight divisions.

Tito Ortiz (16-11-1) claims he’s responsible for creating the 205 pound weight limit in the UFC’s light heavyweight division after a discussion with the company’s matchmaker Joe Silva.

“Back when they made the weight classes, Joe Silva asked me what would be the perfect weight for me,” said Ortiz. “I was weighing about 215, so 205 would be perfect. He said fine, we’re making the weight class 205.”

Since that discussion, Ortiz said 205 pounds became the class’s weight limit and he is “100 percent responsible and to ask Joe Silva if no one believes him.”

Ortiz would win the light heavyweight championship at UFC 25 and defend it a record five times.

Sully Sullivan contributed to this article.