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Royce Gracie Says His Father Wanted Him To Highlight Jiu-Jitsu At Early UFC Shows

UFC Hall of Famer Royce Gracie (14-2-3) said that going into the first UFC shows he wanted to hurt his opponent, but his father had different plans. He wanted him to introduce the world to the technique of jiu-jitsu.

“Even on the first UFC [shows] my father would come to me and say ‘slap them, choke them out, subdue them, but don’t cut your opponents,’” said Gracie.

At first this didn’t make sense to Gracie as he saw his father’s record book where he sent people to the hospital.

“I thought it was my turn,” said Gracie. “Let me beat up somebody. My father said you got to use technique to put jiu-jitsu on the map.”

Gracie’s mother said the opposite and told him to “not listen to his father and make them bleed.”

Gracie would win the first four UFC shows, where he earned 11 victories in the process. All the victories came in the first round via submission.