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Alexander Shlemenko Says UFC Fighters Use Injury To Dictate Fights, Calls Out Brian Stann

The recent string of injuries that have plagued the UFC has caught the attention of Alexander Shlemenko (46-7). His attitude is that certain UFC fighters are saying that they’re injured to avoid fights they’re not pleased with.

“I can tell you for sure, 100 percent, I know why there are so many injuries,” said Shlemenko. “I personally find UFC fights not as exciting because of all those injuries. There are a lot of background tactics around who’s fighting who; fighters are trying really hard to have a good record in the UFC. If you’ve been offered to fight someone who’s considered a bad match-up, then it’s pretty easy to say ‘hey, I’m injured.'”

Shlemenko, a former Bellator Middleweight Champion and two-time middleweight tournament winner, took particular aim at UFC’s Brian Stann. At UFC on FOX 4 Stann was scheduled to take on Hector Lombard (31-3-1-1 NC), but pulled out of the fight citing a shoulder injury. Just over six weeks later and he is now set to fight Michael Bisping (22-4) at UFC 152 on September 22.

“[Stann] got injured, and then the next thing you know – he’s fighting Michael Bisping,” said Shlemenko. “I can see the logic – for Brian Stann it makes more sense to fight Bisping, he’s simply more popular in the UFC than Hector Lombard. That’s why beating Bisping means more than beating Lombard, who’s a risky opponent.”

Sully Sullivan contributed to this article.