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Dan Henderson Thinks Lyoto Machida’s Style Contains A Flaw

If Dan Henderson (29-8) is successful in capturing the light heavyweight championship, he is ready for the new No. 1 contender Lyoto Machida (18-3).

As Henderson looks to capture his first UFC Light Heavyweight Championship against Jon Jones (16-1), he knows a victory means that Machida is looming in the background.

Machida’s unique style makes the fight an interesting puzzle Henderson believes.

“He’s a guy I’ve always watched over the years and he’s gotten to grow on me a little bit,” said Henderson. “Earlier on he was pretty boring. He never engaged and just waited until it was time to maybe catch the guy with one punch. It’s also a guy that would be fun to figure out. It’s a different type of guy with a different style that you usually don’t find. Those fights change it up for me and make it a little more fun. He’s a guy you got to stay in his face.”

Henderson must defeat Jones and in preparation he has slightly tweaked his training.

“It’s definitely a big fight, but my last few have been big,” said Henderson. “I’m training a little different. I gave myself an extra couple of weeks in training camp for this one. My
conditioning feels great and obviously tactfully in this one as it’s a little different because he’s a little longer and my game plan changes with each opponent. I’ve got a couple of real long, tall guys to train with, so I feel good now.”

The winner of Jones vs. Henderson at UFC 151 on September 1 will next fight Machida.