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Miesha Tate Sounds Off On Ronda Rousey’s Nude Pictorial In ESPN

Miesha Tate (12-3) believes that Ronda Rousey’s (5-0) recent nude pictures for ESPN: The Magazines Body Issue was a mistake.

“I just get so tired of Ronda criticizing everyone else,” said Tate. “I think we should all just live our lives and I don’t care what she or anyone else does as it’s not our place to judge. I’m just sick
of hearing her mouth off about other girls.”

Tate does not see the pictures as artistic art and wishes Rousey didn’t pose for the pictures.

“There’s no real reason to have to get nude, although I think there is nothing wrong with ESPN,” said Tate. “I don’t think what Ronda did was wrong. I’m just saying it’s not okay to talk crap about the ring girls and then get one percent less naked and say it’s okay. To me, it falls into hypocrisy.”

Tate lost her Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight Championship to Rousey at Strikeforce 39.

“I don’t see any problem with it, but I’m not trying to go out and accuse everyone else for what their career choices are,” said Tate. “Just let everyone be and stop running your mouth.”

Both women return to action for Strikeforce on August 18. Tate takes on Julie Kedzie (16-10) and Rousey will make her first title defense against Sarah Kaufman (15-1).