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Anderson Silva’s Manager: Chael Sonnen’s “A Good Guy”

Ed Soares has been one of many that Chael Sonnen has directed verbal tirades against. Soares, the manager for UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, doesn’t feel like all the hatred directed towards Sonnen is warranted, though.

“I’ve always thought Chael was a good guy,” said Soares, while appearing on Sherdog Radio’s “Beatdown” show recently. “I just thought that he crossed the line. Chael is a good person. Chael, when the cameras are off, he’s a good guy. I like Chael, I always have, but I’ll tell you, whether he was just hyping (the Silva-Sonnen II fight) or not, there were times when he would start pissing me off and I had nothing to do with it.”

Sonnen used his voice to push himself right into title-contention against Silva for a second time after defeating Brian Stann and Michael Bisping. The Oregon-native fired off verbal warfare against Silva, his country, his fellow Brazilian fighters, and even his family.

“I’ll say it now and I’ve said it before: no one ever paid attention to Chael Sonnen,” Soares said. “No one ever paid attention to him. Unfortunately, his style of fighting’s not exciting to watch. The only time people started paying attention to him was when he started talking about Anderson. Once he struck that nerve and saw it worked, I think he just took it to another level.”