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“UFC 148: Silva Vs. Sonnen II” Results

Welcome to’s live coverage of UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II.

Tonight’s fight card comes to us live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. As always, our live coverage of the main card is brought to you by UFC Internet Pay-Per-View on Yahoo! Sports.

Now, on to the action! Remember to keep refreshing this page for the most up to date results by hitting F5 on your keyboard.


Rafaello Oliveira vs. Yoislandy Izquierdo

The lone Facebook-only fight will be between lightweights Rafaello Oliveira (14-5) and Yoislandy Izquierdo (6-1). The referee will be Mario Yamasaki.

Round 1: Izquierdo throws a big left that misses, landing a body kick as Oliveira tries to shoot in. Oliveira misses, and Izquierdo lands a blow as he gets back to his feet. Izquierdo hitting Oliveira with several big strikes. Oliveira takes control with a takedown, working into side control. Oliveira connecting with some ground-and-pound, keeping Izquierdo on his back. Oliveira tries for a submission, but Izquierdo quickly avoids that, but is still on his back fighting off. Izquierdo finally gets up, and lands a big left to the back of the ear of Oliveira. Oliveira fires back a kick, and blocks a kick attempt by Izquierdo. Izquierdo with a wild strike, and Oliveira goes for the takedown but Izquierdo flips it and the two stand back up. Izquierdo with a left, follows in with a flying knee.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Izquierdo

Round 2: Izquierdo remains strong with his striking, landing another to start the round. Oliveira’s strikes not hurting Izquierdo too much. Another flying knee by Izquierdo, but Oliveira counters with another takedown and works into control. Oliveira mixing up his ground strikes to the body and head. Izquierdo attempts a triangle, but Oliveira slips out. Izquierdo’s quickness is incredible in working from move to move. Oliveira in side control, trying to lock a kimura in but he’s too high on Izquierdo’s body. The ref calls time to check on the cut above Oliveira’s head. The cut is fine, and action continues with Oliveira back in control on the ground, landing elbows to the face of Izquierdo. Oliveira landing more big blows to the face, but remains unable to lock in a deep submission despite numerous attempts.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Oliveira

Round 3: A touch of the gloves and the final round begins. Izquierdo mixes up his kicks and punches, but they don’t have the same power behind them now. Izquierdo hits a knee as Oliveira starts to fall, but Oliveira stays strong and gets the third takedown of the match. Oliveira in complete control, hitting punches to the body but not doing much damage. Oliveira attempts to pass, winds up in the North-South position, but goes back to side mount. Izquierdo gets up for a second, but Oliveira grabs him and gets him down once again. A crucifix by Oliveira, but he goes back for another arm submission again and can’t get it. Joe Rogan seems very upset by Oliveira’s lack of different submission attempts.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Oliveira

Rafaello Oliveira def. Yoislandy Izquierdo via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

John Alessio vs. Shane Roller

The FX prelims begin with lightweights Shane Roller (10-6) and John Alessio (34-15). Josh Rosenthal will be the referee.

Round 1: Alessio tries to find his distance off the bat, working to gain control of the Octagon. Roller hits a straight kick to the groin that floors Alessio, causing a bit of a delay in this one. Alessio is able to get back to his feet, as Roller goes for a takedown. Alessio pushes the pace and gains control, holding Roller up against the cage. Alessio lands a few knees, then pulls away and score a takedown as the round comes to an end.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Alessio

Round 2: Alessio looking more fluid, mixing strikes and shooting for a single-leg. He gives it up, but remains in control. Alessio and Roller go to the ground, and Roller tries to lock in a guillotine. Alessio flips himself over, and the two get back to their feet. Roller now in control, mixing blows to the body and head against a grounded Alessio. Roller with a pair of big elbows to the head. Roller takes the back as Alessio tries to get up, hooking in one leg and throwing punches to the face. Roller looking for a rear-naked choke, as he folds Alessio up on the mat. Roller begins to roll and flattens Alessio out, landing several big strikes to the face while still with a hook in. Roller unable to get the submission, and we move on to the third.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Roller

Round 3: Alessio comes out with quick, fast hands, landing an uppercut that just about drops Roller. No idea how Roller remained standing, but he did, and the two square off again in the center. Roller now with some big blows and fires in for a takedonw as Alessio tries for a front headlock-guillotine choke. Roller, instead, winds up on top and looking to control the action again. Alessio gets out and up, but Roller still has a grasp of him and keeps him against the cage. Roller gets a rear-naked choke in, but Alessio slips out. However, Roller with a body triangle now, keeping control of Alessio. Just 20 seconds left, as Roller gets an arm triangle in but Alessio slips out again and fires some strikes as the round and fight come to an end.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Roller

Shane Roller def. John Alessio via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Costa Philippou vs. Riki Fukuda

Our next match features middleweight warriors Costa Philippou (10-2) and Riki Fukuda (18-5). The third man inside the Octagon will be Steve Mazzagatti.

Round 1: Touch of gloves and this one is on. Philippou and Fukuda trying to find the distance right now, as they exchange strikes. Fukuda goes for an inside leg kick to begin wearing on Philippou. Fukuda looks much quicker right now, throwing a pair of strikes at the head of Philippou. Fukuda comes in and shoots for a takedown, working a single-leg for the points. Philippou trying hard to stay off the mat, and he does, as Fukuda gives up the takedown. Philippou with a big right that glances off the face of Fukuda. Philippou hitting and moving right now much better, as swelling has begun forming around the eye of Fukuda. Another right by Philippou and Fukuda has no answer for that. A left by Philippou connects, and it appears that Philippou has his distance and pace set now. Inside leg kick by Fukuda, and an outside kick, as well.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Philippou

Round 2: Fukuda more comfortable with his striking, as he shoots in for a takedown but is unsuccessful. Philippou appears to be waiting for his time to strike, eats another inside leg kick by Fukuda. Philippou with a pair of nasty strikes right to the face, and he appears to be ready to strike, pushing off a takedown attempt by Fukuda, who eats another punch. Fukuda remains consistent with attacking the legs with kicks. Combo by Philippou, but Fukuda goes right back to kicking the body of Philippou. Fukuda with a straight and a kick, but Philippou counters with a right. Again, kick by Fukuda, counter by Philippou; not an exchange that Fukuda can survive doing.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Philippou

Round 3: Philippou again with much better movement, picking and dancing around Fukuda. Another kick by Fukuda that Philippou counters with a right. Body shots by Philippou connect on Fukuda. Fukuda goes for a single-leg takedown that Philippou avoids, not a good sign for Fukuda’s win chances. Philippou faking several shots, as he looks to make maybe one big flurry to put Fukuda away. Big kic by Fukuda, but Philippou gets poked in the eye and is screaming right now. The doctor is coming in as Philippou says, “Oh my God!” The poke came right before the kick and Philippou has yet to try and open the eye back up. The doctor is waiting to see if Philippou’s vision clears back up. Philippou wants to finish the fight, saying I am ready. Just under two minutes to go, as Philippou goes right for the attack and finish. Big punches by Philippou and Fukuda shoots for a takedown but can’t get it.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Philippou

Costa Philippou def. Riki Fukuda via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Gleison Tibau vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov

Our third lightweight encounter of the evening features Gleison Tibau (34-7) vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov (17-0). The referee is Mario Yamasaki.

Round 1: Tibau with some power punches to the face of Nurmagomedov. The undefeated Nurmagomedov throws a big hook that misses. Body kick blocked by Tibau. Nurmagomedov shoots in for a single-leg, but Tibau does a nice job backing up against the fence and fending it off. Nurmagomedov tries for another takedown, working hard for it but can’t get it. Nurmagomedov fires off a big left and a right, shooting in for another takedown on Tibau. Nurmagomedov with a knee to the body but can’t score the takedown and the ref steps in. More huge throws by Nurmagomedov that don’t connect, but he hasn’t stopped trying to land a knockout blow. Kick lands by Nurmagomedov and he follows up with a punch. Tibau shoots in, but Nurmagomedov fends it off with ease. One more attempt at a takedown by Nurmagomedov is unsuccessful as the round ends.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Nurmagomedov

Round 2: Several exchanges, and Nurmagomedov eats a stiff jab. Not much action this round from either fighter. Tibau takes over with his power, and is in control of Nurmagomedov on the ground. Tibau connects with a right and a left, and Nurmagomedov shoots in for a takedown again. More standing and Yamasaki steps in. Nurmagomedov goes back to throwing big blows that miss.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Tibau

Round 3: Nurmagomedov takes center Octagon right away, and throws another huge right hand. He doesn’t connect, but he is still throwing his punches 100-percent. Tibau ducks under a strike, and Nurmagomedov lands a leg kick. Nurmagomedov pushes Tibau up against the cage and is still trying to get the takedown. Tibau fends off a weird exchange and gets the takedown and takes the back of Nurmagomedov. Just over two minutes left and this fight could still go either way. A knee to the body by Nurmagomedov, who is throwing haymakers wanting the KO. Right to the chin lands by Nurmagomedov. As the clock winds down, Nurmagomedov continues throwing big strikes to no avail.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Nurmagomedov

Khabib Nurmagomedov def. Gleison Tibau via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Melvin Guillard vs. Fabricio Camoes

Our final prelim card for the night boasts another lightweight contest, as Melvin Guillard (46-11-3) meets Fabricio Camoes (13-6-1). The man in charge of the action will be Yves Lavigne.

Round 1: No touch of gloves to start by Camoes as Guillard offers his up. Guillard with a leg kick, as Camoes fires one back himself. Guillard pushes off a takedown attempt by Camoes, who comes right at Guillard with kicks and punches. Guillard catches Camoes coming in with a big right, but Camoes goes for the takedown as Guillard works an arm submission. A very poised Guillard right now in this fight, as he is looking calm and cool. Guillard catches Camoes with another right to the chin, but doesn’t jump in and try to finish him. Guillard catches a leg kick and lands one of his own, along with a punch to the face. Guillard stuffs a takedown, goes to the top of Camoes, but than just walks away. Guillard with another takedown, but Camoes now on his back looking to work a submission of his own. Camoes lets go of a submission to work ground-and-pound with elbows to Guillard. He now begins to hook an arm with just 25 seconds left, but gets too high and Guillard escapes. Camoes misses, Guillard takes top position and comes firing with punches.

FightLine scores the round 10-10

Round 2: Both fighters being more selective now to start the round, with Guillard sticking and moving. Camoes doing a nice job of mixing up his strikes, keeping Guillard guessing. However, Guillard seems to have more power to his punches. Big uppercut misses by Camoes, who also misses with a spinning kick. Camoes grabs a leg, rolls, but Guillard rolls with him and the two are back up. Large Brazilian contingent begins screaming as Camoes tries firing them up. Camoes with double underhooks, and he gets the takedown. Not much damage inflicted on Guillard by Camoes, and Guillard spins out and starts landing punches to the head of Camoes, who fires back with elbows. Guillard on top reigning down punches as the round comes to an end.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Guillard

Round 3: Guillard seems much more relaxed and fresh heading into this final round, landing a kick to the body to start. Camoes with a spinning kick that misses. Guillard avoids a takedown attempt by Camoes after missing badly. Body blow connects by Guillard. Just over three minutes to go in the fight. Guillard misses with an uppercut, but fires back with a left. Guillard tries to catch Camoes coming in but is unable to. Camoes throws a knee that is just a glancing blow. Guillard with a nice combo, but eats a stiff jab from Camoes. Guillard with a jab, and Camoes goes low for the takedown. Guillard works out of it and avoids another big kick attempt. Camoes’ nose is bright red now from the work done by Guillard. Down to the final seconds, and Camoes shoots in again for a takedown, which he turns into a leg-lock and begins pulling hard with less than 10 seconds left.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Guillard

Melvin Guillard def. Fabricio Camoes via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Ivan Menjivar vs. Mike Easton

It’s time for the main card of the evening, and our first fight between bantamweights Ivan Menjivar (24-8) vs. Mike Easton (12-1). The referee will be Josh Rosenthal.

Round 1: Easton comes out, as he always does, throwing quick jabs. Menjivar fires off a huge right that glances off the forehead of Easton. Easton stalking Menjivar, who pushes him away with a kick. Big overhand right by Menjivar, but eats a left hook courtesy of Easton. Easton with a left, right and a kick that all connect. Head kick and front-kick blocked by Easton, who lands a side-kick of his own. Menjivar lands with a kick to the back of the head, and fires off a low kick, as well. Easton another flurry to the body of Menjivar, who counters with a kick to the thigh of Easton.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Easton

Round 2: Body kick courtesy of Easton to Menjivar, along with several quick jabs to start the round. Overhand right by Menjivar hits Easton, and he follows up with a kick that buckles Easton. Both fighters throwing a lot of strikes and kicks, but not many are landing. Easton trying to push the pace more than Menjivar so far with just over a minute left in the round. “Hulk” with a huge left-right combo. Strong flurry to finish things by Easton.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Easton

Round 3: Easton with some big kicks to start the action, hitting a big right. Menjivar attempts a takedown, but Easton fights it fight off and goes back to taking the leg away from Menjivar. Head-kick lands by Menjivar, but Easton walks through it. Overhand right misses wildly by “Hulk.” Easton continues to pepper Menjivar with rights and lefts, though the crowd begins to get restless. Easton with a takedown, and goes into mount position. Menjivar powers out and gets up, as the two go back to the striking game. Under a minute to go, and Easton still going forward with his power punches.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Easton

Mike Easton def. Ivan Menjivar via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Chad Mendes vs. Cody McKenzie

A key featherweight bout is up next, as Chad Mendes (11-1) takes on Ultimate Fighter alum Cody McKenzie (13-2). This will be the first fight for Mendes since falling to UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo. The referee is Steve Mazzagatti. Also of note, Strikeforce women’s champion Ronda Rousey is in the corner of McKenzie.

Round 1: Mendes with some big knees to the body to start, hitting and moving right now. McKenzie nearly kicks over the head of Mendes. Mendes catches a kick and drops McKenzie. “Money” fires off several quick fists and this one is over quickly. Mendes fires the first strike to the body, as McKenzie doubles up and goes down, before jumping on top of him and finishing him off.

Chad Mendes def. Cody McKenzie via TKO (strikes) at :31 of round one

Dong Hyun Kim vs. Demian Maia

Former UFC middleweight contender Demian Maia (15-4) will make his debut at welterweight against Dong Hyun Kim (15-1-1). The third man inside the Octagon will be Mario Yamasaki.

Round 1: Maia the aggressor, taking control and shooting in for the takedown. Kim lands some elbows to the head, but Maia continues to push for the takedown. Maia takes the back and locks in a hook. Maia carries him around the cage and throws him to the ground, taking the mount. Maia lands a pair of blows and puts his hands in the air, celebrating the win despite it appearing as if no one called it.

Demian Maia def. Dong Hyun Kim via TKO (strikes) at :47 of round one

Cung Le vs. Patrick Cote

Former Strikeforce middleweight champion Cung Le (7-2) looks for his first UFC victory against former contender Patrick Cote (17-7). The referee will be Josh Rosenthal in this middleweight affair. On a side note, Cote enters the Octagon to “2 Legit 2 Quit” by MC Hammer. Classic, classic entrance song.

Round 1: A touch of gloves by the two and Le catches a kick by Cote. Head kick by Le glances off Cote’s forehead. “The Predator” looks to be loading up his right hand, as Le fires off two quick kicks. Le continues to pepper Cote with kicks, as Cote fires off one of his own. Le eats a big right to the face, and Cote backs him up by pressuring him. Le this time fires off some strikes, as Cote misses an uppercut. Le lands a big blow that knocks Cote up against the cage. A small cut under the right eye of Le, who comes back with a body kick that Cote doubles over from. Front leg side kick by Le lands to the thigh of Cote. Le laughs as he backs up when Cote tries to throw a spinning kick or punch.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Le

Round 2: More kicks by Le, but Cote fires off some quick hands in defense. Le now pushing forward with the offense a little more, which may play into Cote’s plan. A cut over the left eye of Le now, who lands a counter hook. Spinning back kick hits off the body of Cote, as Le lands a punch and a hook. Cote with a big pair of combos and a kick, backing Le up. Blood all over each fighter now. Cote rocked by a knee to the head, and eats another right before coming back with his own offense. In the clinch, Cote fires off a several strikes as the round comes to an end.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Cote

Round 3: The two touch gloves to start this final round of action. Body kick by Le lands, and Cote takes a low blow by quickly wants to continue fighting. Cote throwing strikes now that Le isn’t blocking at all. Le with a knee, but Cote counters with a back-fist that just misses. Le avoids a pair of jabs by Cote. Another spinning kick lands to the midsection of Cote by Le. Le tries a trip from the clinch that he gets, but is unable to do any damage and Cote gets back up, going for a single-leg takedown of his own. Le fights it off, and Cote lands a front-kick. Le with a quick right to the face, and Cote misses an uppercut that allows Le to land another jab. Cote tries coming at him, but Le lands a right that wobbles Cote. Le with another takedown and goes into control on the ground with just 30 seconds left.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Le

Cung Le def. Patrick Cote via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Tito Ortiz vs. Forrest Griffin

It’s time for the co-main event, as newly-inducted UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz (16-10-1) wears a gladiator mask to the Octagon for his bout with Forrest Griffin (18-7). The referee will be Steve Mazzagatti in this battle of ex-UFC light heavyweight champions.

Round 1: Head kick by Griffin to start things off, as Ortiz takes control of the Octagon. Ortiz fires in with a big right but Griffin ducks and misses. Front-kick by Griffin, but Ortiz goes in and gets the takedown just a minute in. Ortiz landing elbows to the face of Griffin, hammering down and landing solid contact to his face now. Griffin spins out, but Ortiz throws him back down to his back. Griffin gets out and up, and starts throwing kicks again. Ortiz with a big left hook, as Griffin goes back to kicking his legs, much like he did vs. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson for the UFC title. Knee to the body by Griffin connects. Ortiz throws a head-kick of his own, as he is starting to deal with a cut on his forehead. Griffin lands a series of jabs, and Ortiz shoots in but is unable to get it and Griffin lands a knee. Griffin connects and Ortiz looks tired with just over a minute to go. Superman punch by Griffin misses. Ortiz gets a takedown to end the round.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Griffin

Round 2: Ortiz fires off a huge right, as Griffin goes back to kicks. Ortiz rocks Griffin, but Griffin continus to try and stand right there and take them. Ortiz goes for the clinch, but it’s Griffin who lands a knee to the body. Ortiz drops down for a takedown, but quickly gets out of it and the two square off. Griffin with more kicks to the legs and body of Ortiz. The two exchange hooks, and Ortiz remains in the center of the Octagon. Ortiz wobbling a little now as Griffin continues to fire off kicks and punches. It appears that Ortiz has little to nothing left in the tank as we go under two minutes to go in the round. Body shots by Griffin, followed by a left from Ortiz. Griffin landing two or three blows for every one of Ortiz. Griffin hitting and moving with ease, as Ortiz seems frustrated now. Griffin seals the round by avoiding a takedown and nailing Ortiz with several fists to the head.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Griffin

Round 3: Griffin back to work with the leg kick, dancing around while Ortiz stands there flat-footed. The face of Ortiz is swelling now, as it looks like it wants to catch Griffin with one big power punch. Front-kick to the body by Griffin, but Ortiz lands a big strike that sends Griffin flying back. Ortiz is unable to follow up, but he pushes Griffin to the cage and then takes control by putting him on the mat. Ortiz trying to get into the mount, hoping to use some ground-and-pound. Griffin attempts to power out but can’t and Ortiz is back on top. Ortiz with a big left elbow that connects, but Griffin attempts to go for an armlock. Ortiz gets out and is back in control. Just over two minutes to go in the round now, with Ortiz likely feeling as if he needs to finish this fight. Griffin gets back to his feet and delivers a pair of elbows to the face of Ortiz. Griffin landing many, many strikes, as Ortiz isn’t blocking anything now. A minute remains in the career of Ortiz, as he lands a big right. Body kick courtesy of Griffin connects and he follows up with a pair of jabs. Ortiz with a big right that misses. The two exchange as the final 10 seconds expire.

Griffin landed just under three times as many strikes as Ortiz did.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Griffin

Forrest Griffin def. Tito Ortiz via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Griffin, after exiting the Octagon, conducted the post-fight interview with Ortiz.

Anderson Silva (c) vs. Chael Sonnen for UFC middleweight title

Well folks, the main event is here. Anderson Silva (31-4) and Chael Sonnen (27-11-1) for the UFC middleweight title. Joe Rogan said Sonnen was standing at the Octagon door, calling for Silva to come on down. The referee is Yves Lavigne, and that’s all there needs to be said, so let’s get it on.

Round 1: Silva appeared to wipe the vaseline off his face and on his body, but the ref wiped him off before letting them fight. Sonnen shoots in and get a double-leg right off the bat, and Silva is on his back. Sonnen landing blows through Silva’s defense. Silva trying to grab an arm, but Sonnen pulls it through. Sonnen moves into half-guard, and throws an elbow to the face. Sonnen with more elbows, as Silva attempts to lock him up. Sonnen landing little shots to the side of Silva’s head, as Silva holds control of his leg to keep him from getting a full mount. Sonnen with knees to the body while in half-guard, though they likely aren’t doing much damage. Sonnen just misses a big left, and Silva looks for a triangle again but Sonnen moves out of danger. Sonnen has him flat and is reigning down to the head despite having his leg still locked up. Elbows to the head again by Sonnen to Silva as we go under a minute in the opening round. Sonnen gets free and goes into full-mount now, hammering down on the face of Silva. Shoulders to the face of Silva from Sonnen.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Sonnen

Round 2: Sonnen goes right after Silva, as Silva takes a leg but is forced to release it. Knee to the body by Sonnen, who misses one to the face. Sonnen drops down, attempting another takedown but Silva fights it off. Silva lands a big strike and grabs Sonnen’s shorts. Silva with a big strike that wobbles Sonnen, who goes for another takedown. Silva fights it off and Sonnen is rocked. Silva lands a knee to the chest and Silva goes on the offense with several punches. Sonnen appears lost and falls down again after a right. Sonnen not defending himself and Silva finishes it with several uncontested blows.

Anderson Silva def. Chael Sonnen via TKO (strikes) at 1:55 of round two