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Mike Dolce Breaks Down Weight Loss For Chael Sonnen

Ariel Helwani of caught up with Mike Dolce a day before weigh-ins for UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II. Dolce is in charge of keeping the contender, Chael Sonnen, in peak physical condition.

Dolce revealed that Sonnen’s weight is right where it should be just hours before hitting the scales, remarking that he will drop 20 pounds in 24 hours to reach the mark.

“We’re going to relax for a little bit and then we’re going to check his weight and we’re going to start to break a sweat,” Dolce said. “We’ve increased the metabolism, we’ve increased the core temperate. He’s sweating right now talking. His body is purging the weight in the most healthy manner possible.”

Earlier Friday, Dolce confirmed that Sonnen was down under 200 pounds and working towards the 185-pound limit for the fight.

“What I was able to do was find a system that allows these athletes to lose weight in a healthy manner,” Dolce said. “(The Dolce Diet) give(s) the athletes what they need and then the body does what we want it to do instead of the opposite.”