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Chael Sonnen Continues To Verbally Assault Brazil On ESPN

UFC middleweight contender Chael Sonnen continued the press tour recently for UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II by appearing on several ESPN shows. One of those was Dan Le Batard’s Highly Questionable.

Sonnen, who will face Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight title Saturday night from Las Vegas, continued his quest to upset Brazilian fans around the world.

“It’s so confusing to me. I’m not sure where we got off track, you know,” said Sonnen, in regards to being asked why he continues to insult Brazil. “I didn’t know they had the internet. You know, what do they expect? That I don’t have anything better to do than to sit down and write down all the different countries that America’s given the computer to? I don’t have time to keep track of all these things. I didn’t mean to hurt anybody’s feelings.”

Le Batard also asked Sonnen how he felt when Silva said he would knock out all his teeth. In typical Chael P. Sonnen fashion, he offered up an interesting response.

“Well, that’s like the big threat in Brazil, ‘We’re gonna send you to the dentist,'” Sonnen said. “The only resentment or confusion that I have is the implication is that they’ve got dentists on every other block in Brazil, you know. There’s something wrong with your tooth in Brazil, some doctor waves a fishbone in front of your face and hopes your mouth feels better.”

Sonnen also proceeded to call out Le Batard, which you can view in the video below: