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UFC On FX 3: Dustin Pague Vs. Jared Papazian

Round 1: Papazian looking amped for the fight and begins cornering Pague. The two exchanging wildly, clinching in the middle of the Octagon. Nice trip by Pague who ends up in the mount. Big elbow from the top position as Papazian tries to get his hips out but gives up his back in the process. Pagues now has him on his back as the two lean up against the cage. Papazian trying to control his opponent’s wrist as the two continue to grapple. Pague slips in a rear naked choke with the gable grip and taps Papazian.

Dustin Pague defeated Jared Papazian via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:21 in the first round.

Great performance for Pague who took full advantage on the ground, transitioning to mount before submitting a game Papazian.