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Ian “Uncle Creepy” McCall Feeling Relaxed And Unfazed By “Silly Things”

For a man who used to be dead, maybe having your title shot delayed to fight someone you arguably just beat– but technically drew with, isn’t that big of a deal after all.

That is certainly how UFC Flyweight Ian McCall feels about tonight’s rematch with Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson:

“I’ve been through a lot in my life and nothing really bothers me. Especially when I’m focused, I’m nice and mellow. I’ve spent a lot of my life being amped up and crazy – just causing trouble. I guess a piece of that comes out of me when I fight.

“I get off on the attention, I get off on imposing my will and trying to hurt somebody. I hate to sound weird, but I have issues. I fight for a living and I clearly enjoy punching someone in the face. I’ve pushed the limits pretty far in my life. I died from a drug overdose and was brought back, I’ve crashed cars at high speeds, I put myself in a coma snowboarding… I’m here obviously for a reason and there is no point getting worked up over silly things.”

For the L.A. rich kid, turned junkie, turned focused pro fighter (McCall will tell you he treated his first 8 years pro as a hobby), a fight with someone he has already matched up against and feels possesses inferior skills, is not something to gripe about, rather an opportunity to get paid twice for something easy.

“I don’t see him changing or getting any better at anything within three months. I think he showed me everything he has to offer… I’m getting paid twice to beat up somebody that I know I can beat, so I can’t really complain about it.”

Apparently already in his happy place, McCall looks to defeat Johnson tonight in UFC on FX’s main event, to determine the man to fight Joseph Benavidez for the UFC’s inaugural Flyweight Championship.