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‘Strikeforce: Grand Prix Finale’ Results

Welcome to’s live coverage of the Strikeforce: Grand Prix Finale. Tonight’s fight card comes to us live from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California. The main card will air live on Showtime while the preliminary card will be shown on Showtime Extreme.

Now, on to the action! We’ll have live round-by round coverage of all preliminary and main card bouts updated every few minutes. Remember to keep refreshing this page for the most up to date results.


Quinn Mulhern vs. Yuri Villefort

Round 1: Mulhern goes for a kick, but Villefort catches it and tosses Mulhern to the mat. Villefort with a mean leg kick.Mulhern closes the gap with a few punches and presses Villefort into the cage. They break and exchange for a bit, before Mulhern shoots for a takedown after faking a kick. He gets it and plants Villefort on the mat. Mulhern bleeding, but still working top position, trying to pass the guard. Villefort goes to stand and Mulhern briefly threatens to take the back. Villefort defends and they end up fighting for position on the fence. Mulhern goes for a throw, but Villefort denies; Mulhern pulls rubber guard. Villefort socks Mulhern from guard. Villefort ends the round landing some ground and pound.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Villefort

Round 2: They exchange briefly before Mulhern gets Villefort to the mat with a double. Villefort tries to work to his feet using the cage, but Mulhern drags him back to the mat. Mulhern is doing work on top, though Villefort is aggressive off of his back. Mulhern works into mount, but Villefort reverses deftly and takes Mulhern down. Mulhern also active off of his back, doing well to control Villefort’s posture. Mulhern works for an omoplata from rubber guard. He rolls Villefort with it and goes for an arm triangle; Villefort defends, escapes and takes top position. The round winds down with Villefort on top, landing strikes.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Mulhern

Round 3: Villefort looks tired, but reverses a takedown attempt by Mulhern nicely. Mulhern gets to his feet and presses Villefort into the cage. Villefort goes for a takedown, but Mulhern reverses and goes for a north-south choke; Villefort defends. Mulhern in side control; he hangs on to the position through a scramble. Villefort rolls out and Mulhern tags him with a right. Mulhern goes for a takedown but Villefort denies and ends up on top. Mulhern goes for a leg lock, but Villefort defends and ends up in top position. Mulhern working an omoplata; Villefort defends well, but Mulhern works to mount. Villefort is scrambling and active from his back, but Mulhern is all over him, remaining in dominant position until the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Mulhern

Quinn Mulhern defeated Yuri Villefort via split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)

Gian Villante vs. Derrick Mehmen

Round 1: These two meet in the middle and immediately clash. Villante drops Mehmen with an uppercut after some brief exchanging. Villante follows him and works some ground and pound. Mehmen works to stand up, but Villante keeps him pinned to the fence, landing knees to the thigh. Villante manages to sit Mehmen down, but nothing much comes of it; they’re on their feet shortly after. Villante lighting Mehmen up with kicks and punches. Mehmen is in the fight, but already showing the wear and tear of the fight. Villante rocks Mehmen with a right hand. He follows him to the wall and presses him into the cage. Villante lets him off the fence and sets back up in the center. Villante clips Mehmen with a head kick. Mehmen lands a few punches on Villante’s arms before the bell.
FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Villante

Round 2: Villante starts out the round working the center of the cage. Mehmen hanging tough, through punches. Villante defending from most of it. Mehmen tries for the takedown and Villante swiftly denies him. Mehmen staying in the fight, landing some strikes. Villante gets poked in the eye and they take a brief break. Villante chopping away with leg kicks, eventually dropping Mehmen to the mat. Mehmen stands and nails Villante with a left hook that looks to have wobbled him. Villante backs off and recovers. Villante stings Mehmen with two jabs.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Villante

Round 3: Villante putting his strikes together well to start the round. Villante denies a takedown and lands two straight uppercuts. Villante puts a mean leg kick behind a volley of punches. Mehmen chases after Villante and gets in a few solid blows. Villante defending well against Mehmen’s occasional spurts of offense and countering. Villante looks a little tired, shaking his arms out. He’s still getting the better of it though, nailing Mehmen with a solid right hand. Villante still chopping away with leg kicks as the round closes. Mehmen shoots for the takedown and gets Villante down against the fence. Mehmen working strikes from Villante’s back as the round closes.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Villante

Gian Villante defeated Derrick Mehmen via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Virgil Zwicker vs. Carlos Inocente

Round 1: Zwicker quickly takes the cage, but Inocente lands a big kick that connects. Zwicker lands a solid combo up against the cage, and pushes Inocente around. Zwicker catches him flush with a right, missing with a follow-up spinning leg kick. Inocente lands a head-kick, but Zwicker drops and gets a takedown. Inocente reverses it, tries for a choke, but doesn’t get it. Pair of knees lands by Inocente, as does a spinning back-kick. More knees by Inocente and Zwicker looks in bad shape. More spinning throws in the first three minutes than happen on most cards. Zwicker tries to catch his breathe, but eats another knee. Inocente continues to land knees to the body, as Zwicker tries for the takedown. Zwicker is very tired, and eats a knee to the face for his efforts. Zwicker, though, finds enough to get a takedown, working punches to the face of Inocente. Zwicker’s face is bloodied and bruised, but he makes it out alive.

FightLine scores the round 10-8 for Inocente

Round 2: Inocente landed 17 power strikes in the opening round, and goes right back on the attack to start the second. Zwicker, though, gets control on the ground and is trying to work into mount, which he gets. Inocente trying hard to get off his back, but Zwicker is in control now. Kicks to the grounded Inocente, as Zwicker drops back down to the mat. Inocente, though, powers up and they are standing again. Inocente mixing up his strikes, throwing rights, lefts, kicks at will. Back to the knees by Inocente, and Zwicker is working hard to stay upright. Inocente gets the takedown, but can’t keep him down. Inocente with more power strikes, including a spinning back-fist that Zwicker walks though, some how. Zwicker is acting like a zombie inside the cage, taking some serious blows. Zwicker with a takedown and Inocente seems tired now after all these strikes thrown. Inocente gets back to his feet, as Zwicker misses and falls face-first into the cage. Knees again by Inocente, as both men are extremely tired now.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Inocente

Round 3: Zwicker fires out, landing strikes and pushing Inocente up against the cage. Inocente is being much more precise with his strikes, landing a combo left-right-leg kick. Zwicker counters with a power punch. Zwicker tries for a takedown, but Inocente fights if off, as he has landed 50 of 54 leg kicks through 10 minutes. Not much on the kicks by Inocente now, as Zwicker is catching them with ease but doesn’t have the energy to attempt a takedown. Inocente gets the advantage, pushing Zwicker up against the cage. Just two minutes remain, as Zwicker goes on the attack, trying more spinning attacks only to eat another punch. Uppercut by Zwicker misses, as does a half-hearted spinning kick by Inocente. Zwicker throws the Superman punch and Inocente is looking concerned, backing up now. Right by Zwicker connects, but Inocente hits a flying knee that Zwicker walks through.

Carlos Inocente defeated Virgil Zwicker via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Gesias Cavalcante vs. Isaac Vallie-Flagg

Round 1: Vallie-Flagg jumps right into the fire, going right after Cavalcante. Push-kicks by Vallie-Flagg back Cavalcante up, as “JZ” starts to mix his levels up nicely. Cavalcante avoids the strike and gets a big takedown, working to to back. Cavalcante attempting to get a hook in, switching to the front choke now from the rear-naked. Cavalcante connects with a big knee as Vallie-Flagg stands up. Cavalcante lands a straight punch, followed by a solid right-left-kick combination. Vallie-Flagg with a big overhand right that misses. Both fighters blocking each other, with Vallie-Flagg missing on a big right-hand. Vallie-Flagg does land a knee, but Cavalcante remains upright. Cavalcante lands flush with a right-kick, but Vallie-Flagg recovers and lands a jumping knee followed by a liver kick.

FightLine scores the round 10-10

Round 2: Cavalcante gets early control, working from side-mount to full-mount. Valie-Flagg sneaks out, though, and the two are back to the stand-up game. Vallie-Flagg landing strikes that are forcing Cavalcante to backpedal. Cavalcante lands a pair of body strikes, but Vallie-Flagg fires back with a head-kick. Exchange of leg kicks by the two, with Cavalcante attempting another head-kick. Awful lot of those in the prelim portion of the card. Somebody wants a crazy, wild, knockout. Cavalcante with some precise striking, as Vallie-Flagg attempts a wild flying knee. Push kicks by Vallie-Flagg seem to be bothering Cavalcante. Vallie-Flagg throws a right, and follows up with an elbow that lands.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Vallie-Flagg

Round 3: Vallie-Flagg comes right out and takes centerstage, landing a big right. Cavalcante misses with a takedown, and Vallie-Flagg lands a knee that backs “JZ” up. IVF in control before Cavalcante uses his power and changes the action. Vallie-Flagg misses with some wild lefts and rights, but once they go toe-to-toe, he is more effective, hitting Cavalcante. IVF pushes Cavalcante against the cage, and after they square off, Vallie-Flagg lands a big kick. Knees to the body by IVF, and he lands a huge left that lands flush. Cavalcante with a leg kick, but IVF walks through it and goes back to striking. Under two minutes to go and this could go either way right now. Vallie-Flagg with another big right, but Cavalcante lands a straight left to the chin. IVF controlling Cavalcante against the cage, landing a big left and attempting another flying knee. Head-kick lands by IVF, and another flying knee attempt. Knee to the head by IVF hits, as well, and he is doing all he can to secure this round and the match.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Vallie-Flagg

Isaac Vallie-Flagg defeated Gesias Cavalcante via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


Nah-Shon Burrell vs. Chris Spang

Round 1: Burrell and Spang both looking anxious to get started. Burrell misses with a big left, while Spang is waiting for the right opportunity to attack. Right by Burrell is blocked by Spang, who fakes the strike and lands the leg kick. Head kick is just missed by Spang, as Burrell ducks and takes a glancing blow. Spang pushes Burrell up against the cage, switching from a double to a single-leg takedown that Burrell blocks but eats a knee in the process. Burrell with a crisp left-right combo, but Spang drops him with a big right. Burrell fires back up, but Spang continues to land lefts and rights, along with knees. More knees by Spang, eight consecutive knees land flush to Burrell’s head. Burrell is on easy street, as Spang continues to land knees. The ref stops in as Spang falls on top of Burrell. Spang landed easily over 20 knees to the head of Burrell.

Chris Spang defeated Nah-Shon Burrell via knockout at 1:35 of round one

Rafael Cavalcante vs. Mike Kyle

Round 1: Cavalcante lands a big knee that drops Kyle to the mat and follows up with some ground-and-pound. Cavalcante works into a guillotine choke, and despite Kyle trying to slam him down, “Feijao” locks it in tighter and Kyle taps. Well, that was exciting and quick, and Kyle is frustrated as he walks around the cage.

Rafael Cavalcante defeated Mike Kyle via submission at :33 of round one

Strikeforce Lightweight Championship: Gilbert Melendez vs. Josh Thomson

Round 1: Melendez takes early control of the cage, but Thomson lands the first two strikes with a quick combo. Thomson with a trip to score the takedown on Melendez. Leg kicks by Melendez are landing solid, right to the knee of Thomson. Melendez comes in, but Thomson ducks and lands his own strike. Melendez shoots in for a double-leg and gets it, taking this to the ground. Melendez controlling the fight, but Thomson works his way up. Melendez with a big uppercut that lands. Thomson moves quickly to close the gap, landing a few little strikes on Melendez. Thomson with a big left, right, and a body kick, but Melendez fires off and takes Thomson down.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Melendez

Round 2: Thomson keeps Melendez from getting the takedown. Melendez looking sharp with his striking, as Thomson gets stuck up against the fence and Melendez begins firing off lefts and rights. Thomson very hesitant so far in the early portions of this round, looking to pick his shots. Thomson goes for a big kick, but Melendez blocks it for the most part. Melendez mixing levels, but Thomson counters back with a combo that lands, followed by a body shot. “El Nino” delivers a left, and an uppercut, that gets a reaction from Thomson. “The Punk” goes flying back as he caught a poke to the eye. Melendez comes out with a right, while Thomson throws a strike of his own. The two are each connecting now on the other, strikes, kicks and more from each fighter. That’s the first real flurry of the bout, which Melendez gets the best of. Melendez with a takedown, dropping Thomson and keeping him down. Thomson gets up, and the two square off once again. Thomson fires in for a takedown, but Melendez drops elbows to the head and stays on his feet.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Melendez

Round 3: Head-kick by Thomson to start the round, going to southpaw-stance. Melendez fires off big right that misses, and Thomson counters with a kick. Through two rounds, Melendez has thrown more than twice as many strikes. Thomson defends a takedown, and fires off some strikes that are hurting Melendez, backing him up quickly. No takedown by Thomson yet again, as Melendez fights if off and seems to have his bearings back. Elbow to the ear courtesy of Melendez. Right by Thomson connects, as does a left. Trip again by Thomson, but Melendez fires up off a roll. Uppercut again by Melendez to the chin of Thomson, who misses wild with a 1-2 combo. Melendez with a body shot that lands flush, and comes back with a straight left, as well. Thomson misses four straight strikes as Melendez comes back with elbows to the face. Thomson doesn’t waste any minute, delivering his own shots. Swelling starting above the right eye of Melendez, as Thomson fails on another takedown attempt. Great takedown defense by Melendez so far in this one.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Thomson

Round 4: Time for the championship rounds, as the eye of Melendez is swelling up pretty good right now. Thomson with a kick that misses, as Melendez fires off a combo. Jabs by Melendez back Thomson up against the cage, but Thomson lands a straight to the face followed by a head kick. Melendez seems unfazed, landing his own strike. Melendez shoots in and gets a big double-leg takedown at a perfect time, as he seemed to be breathing heavy after the serious of strikes by Thomson. “The Punk” gets up and they square off once again. A cut forming under the left eye now of Melendez, who lands a combo that Thomson smiles at. Push-kick by Thomson, followed by straight right. Melendez shoots in yet again, but Thomson doesn’t allow it this time. Melendez firing off lefts and rights, as Thomson swings with a wild right. Head-kick misses by Thomson, but he gets a trip takedown and lands on top of him, connecting with a few short strikes. Melendez tries to fire out, but Thomson winds up on his back, locking in a rear-naked choke with a minute left. Thomson trying to get it locked under, Melendez gets out, but Thomson locks in the body. Melendez works his head and neck free with 30 seconds left, as Thomson tries for the choke yet again. Melendez to his knees, bucks Thomson off, but Thomson gets control again.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Thomson

Round 5: Melendez takes control right away to start the round. The crowd is amped now, as Melendez delivers a big right. Flurry by the two, with Melendez connecting and shooting for a double leg-takedown that he gets again. Melendez fires off a series of quick shots as Thomson gets up off the mat. Melendez looks worse for wear, but has done more striking in this one against Thomson. Could be an interesting scoring decision if it goes that far. Thomson picking his spots now, missing on another trip attempt but hits on a right. Another right, and another by Thomson. Big left by Melendez, but Thomson fires off with a right. Jab, head-kick combo courtesy of Thomson land on Melendez. More combos by Thomson all land, as Thomson stuffs a takedown attempt. Two minutes left, with Melendez avoiding conflict. Melendez breathing heavy, and his right eye is almost swollen shut. Ninety seconds left as Thomson looks for a big jab. Thomson comes firing with rights, left, knees, everything he can. Uppercut by Thomson lands flush, as Thomson looks ready to go another five rounds. Melendez shoots, fails, and eats a knee. Trip takedown by Thomson, but Melendez lands some elbows to keep Thomson from getting any submission attempts in. Thomson looking to land ground-and-pound, but can’t get any space between himself and Melendez.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Thomson

Gilbert Melendez defeated Josh Thomson via split decision (47-48, 48-47, 48-47) to retain the Strikeforce lightweight title

Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Final: Daniel Cormier vs. Josh Barnett

Round 1: Barnett with series of quick strikes, delivers leg kick that he slips on throwing. Barnett with a left to the head that lands. Cormier with a series of shots, a nice combo, and Barnett seems to slip again on something on the canvas. Head-kick by Cormier lands, not flush, but it lands. Knee to the face by Cormier hurts Barnett. Wild left and right by Cormier, as they tie up and Cormier comes firing off with a combo. Another body shot, and a snap by Cormier tosses Barnett, who is the bigger man. Cormier seems to be much stronger, though, so far. Left connects by Barnett, but Cormier fires off a 1-2 that lands even better. Cormier blocks the knees of Barnett in the clinch. Elbow misses by Barnett, as Cormier ducks. Left by Cormier lands to the chin of Barnett. Barnett with a kick that nearly takes the leg out of Cormier, as they clinch again and Cormier just shoves him off. Uppercut misses by Barnett, as Cormier connects once again. Quick hands by Cormier has made Barnett look slow. Cormier lands a knee in the clinch, and lands a push-kick, as well. Cormier hits a 1-2 to the face of Barnett, but Barnett is still standing. Barnett charges in, lands a jab and a knee, as they clinch up along the fence.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Cormier

Round 2: Cormier connects to start the round, firing off a big left. Barnett moving and countering Cormier’s attack, as they exchange big-time strikes. Barnett throwing some wild haymakers, and lands a knee that tosses Cormier against the fence. Cormier quickly goes to the center of the cage. Combo by Cormier ends with a kick. Leg kick by Barnett, but Cormier hits an uppercut and a body shot to get the better of the exchange. Barnett runs in, Cormier grabs the leg and gets the takedown. Cormier working, but Barnett has control of the two right now despite being on his back. Barnett looking for an arm, but Cormier being smart and not leaving anything exposed right now. Just under two minutes to go in the round, as Cormier lands some short punches. Barnett again goes for a choke or an armbar, but Cormier avoids it and lands an elbow. Cormier avoids a pair of submission attemps again and Barnett is a bloody mess now. The cuts are a result of the elbows of Cormier, who is using quick little jabs with his elbows to bruise up the face. Barnett struggling to see with the blood, cuts and sweat.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Cormier

Round 3: Barnett fires off a big shot that backs Cormier up and against the cage. The two exchange and Barnett pushes Cormier up against the fence again with a short, quick knee. Barnett tries for the takedown, but Cormier says no. Cormier flips out and circles back to the cage. Cormier with a series of lefts that land, and Barnett comes back with a leg kick. Cormier, however, lands more shots at different angles, to the head and body of Barnett. Cormier with a right and grabs a single-leg and slams Barnett to the ground. Cormier goes into side-control after the huge slam that lifted Barnett completely off the ground and above the head of Cormier. The former Olympic wrestler tries to lock the arms, but Barnett slips out and avoids much damage. Big head-kick misses by Barnett, but a knee does not. Cormier with a 1-2 again that lands to the chin of Barnett. Under two minutes to go in the round, as Cormier lands a big uppercut and follows with a jab right. Cormier misses a knee and goes for the takedown, but is unable to get it. Head-kick by Cormier rocks Barnett, as he follows with knees to the head of Barnett along the fence. Barnett answers with an uppercut, and they clinch. Cormier takes the back, delivers a knee to the leg of Barnett, but is unable to get him down yet.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Cormier

Round 4: Barnett with a kick and a left to start the round. Barnett lands a knee to the head as Cormier backs up against the cage. Cormier being very conservative now, as this is the first time he has been into the championship rounds of a fight. Cormier with another body punch followed by a left hook. Pair of knees by Barnett to the body, and an uppercut connects. Head-kick by Cormier to the taller Barnett is partially blocked, but the right one is landed flush. Barnett with a big knee and tries to take control after two minutes of action. Cormier moves away and takes the center of the cage again. Spinning back fist misses by Barnett by a mile. Some swelling under the eyes of Cormier, as he whinces when Barnett attacks. Cormier tries for a single-leg, and gets it as Barnett tries for a rolling knee-bar submission. Barnett has a lock of his leg, Cormier spinning, Barnett with a heel-hook attempt, and Cormier gets out of it. Cormier goes into closed guard with Barnett looking frustrated on his back. The ref steps in and stands them up, as blood starts to flow from Barnett, who lands another knee.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Cormier

Round 5: A shake of hands to start the round between Barnett and Cormier. Barnett goes back into attack mode, but Cormier slipped on some water, but it gets cleaned up. Barnett pushes Cormier against the cage, but Cormier doing a fine job of avoiding any damage. Knees by Barnett, including one to the chin followed by a right. Exchange of leg kicks by the two big heavyweights, with Barnett adding a left. Cormier staying away from any serious exchanges, as Barnett shoots in. Just over two minutes left, as Cormier bounces around the cage, picking his opportunities to strike, including a combo that lands. Spinning back-fist misses by Barnett and Cormier gets the easy takedown. Barnett gets up, but Cormier nearly lands another huge slam. Barnett finds a way to keep his balance and avoid going to the mat. A minute left, and Barnett is stuck against the cage. Cormier leaning heavy on Barnett as the seconds tick away in this one. Cormier runs away and celebrates by throwing his arms in the air as time runs out.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Cormier

Daniel Cormier defeated Josh Barnett via unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45, 50-45) to win Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix