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Hendo On Jon Jones: “Anybody Can Be Hit”

With his victory over Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in their UFC 139 epic, Dan Henderson earned himself the next shot at UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones.

So far in his young career, Jones has been untouchable, repelling a murderer’s row of former champions from retaking the title. His build, athleticism, mindset and work ethic all combine to make him as formidable a champion as the light heavyweight division has ever had, but none of that changes Henderson’s perception of Jones being as fallible as anyone else.

“I think anybody can be hit, you just gotta set it up in the right way or get your timing right,” Henderson recently told Spencer Lazara on MMA Today. “Even as long as he is, he’s still gonna be, at some point, coming within reach. And you just have to capitalize on that, or get him where you can hit him.”

Check out the rest of the video below to hear Henderson break down Jones’ most recent title defense over Rashad Evans and more.