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The UFC Will Back Ross Pearson Through DUI Trouble

UFC featherweight competitor Ross Pearson was arrested in Las Vegas over the weekend on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Though he openly chastised the fighter for getting behind the wheel drunk, UFC president Dana White told gathered media following yesterday’s UFC on FOX 3 presser (props to MMAFighting for the video) that he will be backing the British scrapper through whatever fallout he has to deal with.

“I talked to him on the phone the day that he got out, and, you know, we’re gonna help him through it,” White said.

White acknowledged that Pearson made a mistake, but asserted that the 27-year-old shouldn’t be crucified for it. As long as he mans up, admits what he did was wrong and looks to correct his behavior, White will be on his side.

“I’m a realist. You can’t expect all these people to be perfect,” he said. “I think you put these athletes on this — and I understand they’re role models. They’re human beings, man. They’re all going to make mistakes. I’m one of those guys that believes we’re all going to make mistakes and it’s how you handle yourself after you make that mistake that tells who you really are. Believe me, we’ve had some guys that are absolute clowns in this show who have made mistakes and won’t own up to them and act like complete jackasses. And those are the guys I want nothing to do with. I’ll never go to bat for them. Ever.”

Pearson is scheduled to face Cub Swanson at UFC on FX 4 this June 22 and it doesn’t appear as though he will be pulled from the bout as a result of his arrest.