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FX Planning To Keep “TUF: Live” On Fridays This Fall

Though The Ultimate Fighter was completely reformatted and revamped to air on its new home at FX, this new incarnation of the UFC’s flagship reality show has pulled in the lowest ratings in series’ history.

Most attribute the show’s disappointing ratings to this being the first of fifteen seasons of TUF to air on a network other than SpikeTV and also to the show’s new Friday night time slot.

Still, despite the dismal numbers, FX vice president Chuck Saftler spoke with MMAJunkie recently and asserted that the show will continue to air on Friday nights when it returns to FX this fall.

“We’re going to stick with Friday nights for the fall season, and we do have a strong belief that Friday nights will in fact become quite successful for ‘The Ultimate Fighter,'” Saftler told MMAJunkie. “We’ll also be very self-honest about the results that we see, and we will do what we do with all problems, which is constantly evaluate the results. If we don’t see these results get better, then we’re going to look at what other options are out there. But right now, we still have a strong belief that Friday night is a great night to watch this program and to experience the UFC much in the same way that Saturday night has grown into a fantastic night for the UFC, as well.”

This season of The Ultimate Fighter features live fights along with each episode and is edited to run weekly rather than several months after the original taping, as with season past.

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