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Chael Sonnen Comes To Alistair Overeem’s Defense

Following his UFC 117 title fight against Anderson Silva, Chael Sonnen was suspended and fined by the California State Athletic Commission for registering a testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio of 16.9:1, well over California’s limit of 4:1. Last night, during his Chael’s Corner segment on UFC Tonight, Sonnen came to the defense of Alistair Overeem, who’s in hot water with the Nevada State Athletic Commission for showing a ratio of 14:1 on a random test (Nevada’s limit is 6:1).

“Alistair Overeem did not test positive for anything. End of story,” said Chael in discussing the media’s unfair treatment of Overeem. “So why is his name getting drug through the mud? Why are they saying, ‘Well, he’s got an elevated T-to-E ratio.’ Ok, fair enough. Let’s say his T-to-E ratio is outside the norm. That’s not illegal. That’s outside the norm. That’s a red flag. That is a red flag, and Alistair will owe an explanation.

“If it’s not against the rules, why are we having this conversation? MMA Media: You failed! It reminds me of the time when Ronald Reagan was president, and somebody in his cabinet had to stand trial. He gets acquitted and he says, ‘Well, great. I’ve won the trial, but who do I see to get my reputation back?'”

Seems like Chael has changed his mind on Overeem’s situation since the news first broke (via Twitter).

“Im shocked.. Has the body fat of a toothbrush, looks like the guy on STREET FIGHTER. My mind is blown, just blown.”

An anchor on UFC Tonight, Kenny Florian answered Sonnen’s politician twist with what most have been saying on the situation from the start.

“Has Overeem gotten fair shake by the media? Probably not,” said Florian. “But if you have common sense, then you know something’s up. His T-to-E ratio is 14-to-1. The only way he got there is he’s probably taking something. But Chael’s making a case like a lawyer. In the end of the day, there will be a legal meeting to see if Overeem fights.”