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“The Ultimate Fighter: Live” Episode Six Recap

The Ultimate Fighter: Live rolls on, with this week’s installment featuring a battle between Team Faber’s Joe Proctor and Team Cruz’s Chris Tickle.

Episode 6

Cruz is determined to “pull the winner” out of a difficult Chris Tickle. Cruz admits Tickle can come across like “a prick”, but that he’s really a good guy and has the potential to win the show. Tickle eats corn dogs.

We get to know Joe Proctor, a teammate to Joe Lauzon, better. Faber describes him as a “quiet guy with a big punch,” advising to beware the dog with no bark. Faber believes Proctor’s stable mind will serve him well against the capricious Tickle.

The fighter’s celebrate Easter together; Tickle makes dinner and the guys build a slip-and-slide.

Weigh-in results: Tickle – 153lbs, Proctor – 155lbs.

Joe Proctor vs. Chris Tickle

Round 1: A measured start, with Tickle throwing a glancing head kick that gets blocked. Tickle with a leg kick. Tickle putting pressure on Proctor, but Proctor keeping his cool. Proctor lands a hard straight right and shoots for the takedown. Tickle defends and they battle for position on the fence. Tickle cracks Proctor with an overhand right that looks to have stung him. Tickle the aggressor. Proctor counters with a short left as Tickle rushes in. Tickle consistently landing the harder, cleaner shots, but Proctor is staying in the fight. They clinch on the cage again, Tickle putting together the better offense in this position as well. The action slows. Proctor shoots for a takedown and gets it, taking Tickle’s back as he attempts to stand and slapping on the rear naked choke to drag him back to the mat. Tickle is fighting it, but Proctor forces the tap with just under twenty seconds left in the round.

Joe Proctor defeated Chris Tickle via submission (rear naked choke) in round 1

With that, Team Faber remains in control and chooses as the next match up John Cofer vs. Vinc Pichel. And there you have it, ladies and sirs.