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UFC 145 Conference Call Notes And Quotes

UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans has been a long time coming and will finally go down next Saturday at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. The two main event participants, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and Rashad Evans, fielded questions from the media on a conference call today. The following are notes and quotes from call.

-Jon says this fight build-up hasn’t been as draining or distracting as it was before he fought Rampage. Says being accused of spying/cheating by Rampage was more offensive to him than Evans’ insults have been. “It was kind of troubling, people thinking I would cheat. That’s the biggest insult. People calling me fake or cocky, that does nothing to me.”

-Rashad Evans: I just get tired of talking about the whole thing over and over again. I get tired of talking about Greg and Jon. I do get tired of it. … It’s to the point where I just wanna fight. I’m like, Alright man, I talked about long enough. Now it’s time to fight, but everybody’s talking about it and I gotta do these interviews. I’ve just been talking about it for over a year. I just wanna fight already.

-Rashad remembers the good times with Jon, discussing how they would compete and have fun in training. “We would just have fun doing something like, ‘Let’s see, I bet I can touch your knee more times than you can touch my knee.’ Or, ‘Let’s see how many takedowns you can get, I bet I can get more takedowns than you.’ We’d just have fun. That’s what I miss most.”

-“Nah, I don’t have any regrets. I feel like I’ve spoken from the heart. As long as I feel like I’ve done that, I don’t think I’ve violated anything in that respect. That’s one thing I always try: I don’t wanna cross the line. There’s some things you can do to cross the line, and I don’t think I’ve crossed the line, by far. So, I’m pretty satisfied with how things have been.” – Rashad.

-“I have no regrets.” – Jones

-Jon indicates a willingness to rekindle something of a relationship with Rashad after the fight. “I would like to be able to be at a UFC event or a fighter summit and not feel awkward in the same room as Rashad.”

-Evans says he’s not interested in holding a grudge, but doesn’t see them becoming great friends again. “There’s gonna be some respect. I’ll just leave it at that.”

-Jones isn’t worried about any of Rashad’s remaining friends at Jackson’s feeding him information or anything of the like, because he thinks it won’t make a difference on fight night. “Here at Jackson’s, Rashad definitely has some relationships here. Greg said, ‘Listen Jon, we could send Rashad footage of you sparring everyday. He’s not going to be able to which one is coming when, which side of the body, high or low.”

-Evans says he wants to fight Jones about as badly as he wants to earn the belt. “It’s a little bit of both, to be honest. I really wanna fight Jon. It’s just really hard, because being a champion again is something I value as well.”

-Jones has a problem with the fact that the full interview he conducted with Ariel Helwani (in which he asserted his willingness to fight Rashad) hasn’t been released. He says that he said many complementary things about Rashad and showed loyalty as a teammate.

-Evans talks about how it wasn’t just the initial interview that Jones did with Ariel Helwani that kicked off the rivalry, it was understanding Jones’ true motivations. He believes that Jones always intended to fight him. “Now, I know how he really feels. Jon always wanted to fight. Jon never wanted to be teammates or be my brother. Jon came onto the team so he could learn a way to beat me so that he can fight me.”

-On using his friends at Jackson’s to gain information on Jones’ training, Evans said that he wouldn’t put his friends in that position. “The people around Jon at Jackson’s, they’re my friends, but I wouldn’t compromise their integrity by asking them anything. I wouldn’t do that because that’s not how I wanna win.”

-The two go back and forth debating what kind of man Greg Jackson is. Evans and Jones disagree over the famous coach’s intentions.

-Evans didn’t bring anyone into camp to mirror Jones’ style, since Jones’ style is so unique, spontaneous and hard to imitate. “It makes no sense to bring in somebody special that emulates Jon’s unique style. Jon is one of a kind, you know?”

-“Aw, thanks Rashad.”

-Evans admits learning a few tricks here and there from Jones when they trained together, but not in any life-changing capacity.

-Evans not concerned about Jones having his former trainers in his corner. Says they won’t know what he’s going to do as well as they think they will.

-Jones appreciates being compared to Ali, but isn’t trying to be like him. Is a fan of Ali, but wants to be himself.

-Jones comments on Alexander Gustafsson’s skill, says that he’s “looking really good” and appears gifted with his hands. Evans says that he looks tough.