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Frank Trigg Fired By HDNet Over Claims Of Domestic Abuse And Adultery

A man’s personal business is his personal business. But, if you choke your wife out in front of your kids, be prepared to suffer some negative consequences.

Such are the charges against Frank Trigg, who allegedly strangled his wife to the point of unconsciousness last October while their kids looked on. Amid messy divorce proceedings related to the assault, it also came to light that Trigg had been having an affair with a 23-year-old assistant producer at HDNet.

In light of the allegations leveled against Trigg and the evidence present to back them, HDNet has informed Trigg that they will no longer require his services as a color commentator for their MMA events. was the first to report the story.

An MMA veteran, Trigg served alongside Michael “The Voice” Schiavello as the commentary team for most HDNet MMA broadcasts, which included Dream events, as well as shows put on by several other promoters.