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Video: Pros Split Over Jones Vs. Evans Winner

One of the biggest legitimate grudge matches in MMA history will take place next Saturday in the main event of UFC 145. UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones is set to defend his title against a man he once called his brother, his mentor, his training partner: Rashad Evans.

With Jones and Evans’ bitter and long-simmering feud just a week away from coming to a head, MMAInterviews’ Spencer Lazara recently collected their peers’ opinions on the matchup. Check out some below and watch the video to hear more.

Brandon Vera: Jones and Evans. I like Jones, I like Evans. I’m gonna bet on the underdog. ‘Cause it’s probably gonna be a huge underdog. Mr. Jones, I hope you keep that belt.

Ross Pearson: Clash of two styles really. Jon Jones has got more of a Muay Thai standup, Rashad more of a boxing. But, they’re both really good wrestlers. I think Rashad brings more power to the table. I think Rashad’s got a puncher’s chance. I think he’s been in the game a long time. He’s been a champion before, so he’s been under these circumstances before. I know a lot of people are favoring Jones, but I think Rashad is gonna go in there and show his experience. I think he’s gonna, like I said, have the puncher’s chance, gonna bring the power. I think Jones is gonna get caught with a big shot. I’m predicting an overhand right, maybe put him down, TKO finish or maybe a submission.

Dominick Cruz: Jones-Evans, what I’m thinking is, it all depends on who comes out to fight that night. Rashad knows Jones’ style for the most part. But, Jones is hard to beat right now. That dude’s got tunnel vision. He’s focused, he’s on a roll, he’s got a streak. And I think he also knows Rashad’s style. So, as long as Jones can keep the fight at his range, keep it a range-y fight, and keep the fight a striking battle, I see Jones coming out on top.

Chuck Liddell: Rashad’s a tough style for Jones, if there is one. Jones is a well-rounded guy, he does a lot of things well. But, he’s good at controlling where the fight’s fought. I think he’ll have a little harder time doing that with Rashad. He’s gonna have to be a little more defensive to stop the shots and to control where it’s at. He’s not gonna be able to take him down easy. It’s gonna be an interesting fight.