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Diego Nunes Sees Siver Fight As “Strength Vs. Speed”

Brazilian featherweight Diego Nunes will attempt to keep the momentum going in his favor when he takes on debuting 145er Dennis Siver at UFC on Fuel TV 2 this weekend.

A powerful striker at lightweight, Siver is expected to carry into this fight a distinct size and strength advantage over Nunes. As The Gun tells FightHubTV, though, that’s a position he’s happy to be in.

“I believe this fight’s gonna be about strength vs. speed,” said the 17-2 Nunes. “He’s a very accomplished kickboxer. I’ve been training in muay Thai kickboxing since I was thirteen. So, I’m very prepared on my feet. It’s really gonna be a fast-paced fight. I believe my agility and my movement inside of the cage will be the determining factor in this fight.”

And though his speed will serve him well, Nunes is quick to point out that he doesn’t exactly have pillow-fists, either.

“You know, most guys that I’ve trained with have said that I have really heavy hands. So, I do have knockout power, I just haven’t been able to show it in the UFC,” he said. “I’ve knocked out a lot of guys in my career. I’ve knocked out a lot of guys in training, in the gym. I think that he’s got a lot of power, but I’m more precise. I imagine if my punch lands on his chin, he’s going down.”

UFC on Fuel TV 2: Gustafsson vs. Silva goes down this Saturday at the Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden. FightLine will have live, ongoing coverage of the event on the day.