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Brock Lesnar Officially Returns To WWE

After an eight-year hiatus, former WWE and UFC Champion Brock Lesnar returned to WWE on tonight’s episode of WWE Monday Night RAW from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

In the closing segment of the show, John Cena called out his opponent from last night’s WrestleMania event, The Rock, to offer his congratulations. During Cena’s promo, the crowd was chanting “We want Lesnar.” As Cena waited for The Rock, Lesnar’s old WWE music hit and he entered the ring. Cena offered a handshake, but was met by Lesnar’s old finisher, the F-5.

As noted over the weekend, The Wrestling Observer reported that Lesnar had signed a one-year deal with the professional wrestling organization, where he performed for two years before eventually leaving for the NFL and MMA.

Lesnar left his MMA career behind following his first-round loss to Alistair Overeem at UFC 141 this past December. UFC president Dana White confirmed to over the weekend that Lesnar was free to sign with WWE if he chose to.

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