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“The Ultimate Fighter: Live” Episode Four Recap

It’s time for another edition of FightLine’s extra deluxe coverage The Ultimate Fighter: Live. This week’s episode will see top Team Faber seed Al Iaquinta face off against Dominick Cruz’s real-life teammate Myles Jury.

Episode 4

-The mood in the Team Cruz locker room is justifiably jovial, with their team up two in a row. Coach Faber is keeping things positive for his crew, deciding not to let the losses bring down team morale.

-During a hard sparring session, Team Cruz member Mike Rio tweaks his right knee. He’s able to walk away and pledges to go hard for the rest of the season regardless of the injury.

-“I’m very confident in Al. He’s one of our best guys. All-around, he’s the strongest when it comes to mentality.” – Coach Faber on Al Iaquinta.

-Faber brings in a “life coach” to give his guys some perspective on competition.

-Myles Jury is rousted from the shower after training so that his team can chant his nickname, “MFJ” and have a pre-fight powwow.

-Team Faber hatches a plot to pit Andy Ogle against an “old, banged up” Mike Rio for next week’s fight. Foreshadowing!

-Weigh-ins: Myles Jury – 154lbs, Al Iaquinta – 155lbs

Myles Jury vs. Al Iaquinta

Round 1: A glove touch gets us started. A rught jucj ti the bidy lands for Jury, who’s light on his feet and moving well. Iaquinta stalking and threatening with hard punches. Iaqinta lands a crisp one two; Jury stalls his assault by ctchting a slow kick. Jury countering well as he moves backward. Two solid leg kicks score for Jury, inside and out of Iaquinta’s left leg. Iaquinta sticking mostly with the boxing, trying to corner an elusive and offensive Jury. Jury goes high with a kick that is barely blocked. Jury countering well as Iaquinta pushes forward. Jury drops for the takedown off of a Superman punch, but Iaquinta avoid and they separate. Iaquinta swats Jury with a pair. Jury lands a solid kick before dropping for the takedown again. Iaquinta wraps him up though and forces the stand up. Jury stays on him as they rise and takes him for a ride with a suplex. Jury working for the back standing as the bell sounds.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Jury

Round 2: Iaquinta gets tagged low with a kick right off the bat and only takes a moment to recover before getting back to it. Jury working his kicks from the outside. Iaquinta rushing him, putting him on the run. Iaquinta with a body kick. Iaquinta catches a kick and gets tagged with a quick backfist while on his way in to capitalize, buckling his knees. Jury goes on the attack, but Iaquinta nails him with a hard right on his way in and puts him on his heels. Iaquinta on the attack now, plodding after Jury and throwing heavy hands. Jury has his legs back under him, doing his best to counter from the outside. Iaquinta cornering Jury on the fence, lands a nice inside leg kick and then hurts Jury with a combo, prompting him to drop for the takedown. He turns the corner on Iaquinta and manages to stall him on the fence some before Iaquinta fights free. Iaquinta on the hunt with a minute to go. Iaquinta with a stinging left hand and a pair of partially blocked body kicks. Jury with an uppercut to the body and a slick lunging knee on the chin. Iaquinta with a right straight to the body. Jury times a slick takedown with ten seconds to go, ends the round bleeding on top of Iaquinta. Close one.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Iaquinta

It’s a draw. Sudden victory!

Round 3: Iaquinta on Jury like a bulldog, winging hard punches that slow him briefly against the cage. Jury working his range now, keeping Iaquinta on the outside. Iaquinta with an inside leg kick. Iaquinta more aggressive in the middle stretch, keeping Jury on his heels. Iaquinta with three jabs that back Jury to the cage and a nice right to follow. Iaquinta avoiding Jury’s ranged attack well now, closing the distance nicely and putting his hands on Jury. A solid left hook connects for Iaquinta. They trade left hooks, Iaquinta’s landing harder. Iaquinta to the body with a left. Jury tries for a takedown but is swiftly denied. Iaquinta stings Jury with a left hand. There’s an ineffectual engagement right before the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Iaquinta

Al Iaquinta defeated Myles Jury via split decision (10-9, 9-10, 10-9)

-Fight Pick from Team Faber: Michael Chiesa vs. Jeremy Larsen