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Greg Jackson: Georges St-Pierre Leads The Way

Greg Jackson knows a thing or two about greatness.

The renowned MMA trainer has helped mold the careers of some of the sport’s very brightest stars, chiefly among them UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Both fighters conduct themselves with similar poise and compete with almost effortless dominance, but to compare the two at this point in their respective careers, Jackson has to point to GSP as the man at the forefront (from SportsNet’s UFC Central with Showdown Joe Ferraro).

Both of them are amazing. Jon is still young, he’s still being tested. You know, he’s had a couple of title defenses, but he’s still being tested. I have a lot of confidence he’ll pass the test. As far as how you deal with fame, how you allow the people around you to change, who you bring in — GSP has passed those tests. He’s had the title for a long time. Georges is always the leader of the charge, he’s the guy who everybody emulates. Even other champions can learn from him — like Carlos Condit, who’s now the interim champion and who’s also our guy — we all learn from Georges’ example of staying humble, of staying true to himself, of keeping the people he’s had around him just around him still, being loyal, constantly learning new things. So yeah, Georges leads the way.

St-Pierre is currently riding the bench while rehabbing a knee injury that should see him out of action until fall, when he’ll presumably take on UFC interim champ Carlos Condit. Jones is on deck next month at UFC 145 against his bitter rival, Rashad Evans.