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“The Ultimate Fighter: Live” Episode Three Recap

It’s that time again, folks.

Welcome to FightLine’s weekly coverage of The Ultimate Fighter: Live, the retooled version of the UFC’s long-running reality show. Tonight’s episode will see Team Cruz’s number one pick Justin Lawrence face off against veteran Cristiano Marcello from Team Faber.

Let’s get right into it.

Episode Three

Team Cruz is laughing it up over Team Faber’s unwillingness to step up and fight Justin Lawrence, predicting that their morale has almost certainly dropped. The mood in the Team Faber locker room isn’t as boisterous, but they’re intent not to let Team Cruz get in their heads. Although, Faber admits Cruz’s “power move” pissed him off and that he’d like to punch him in the face.

Back at the house, Chris Tickle is ragging on Team Faber for not stepping up and fighting Lawrence when they’re coach asked who’s ready. Tickle’s own teammates describe him as “nuts” and “obnoxious”. He wears a gas mask to training to make people laugh? The guys are just happy he can’t talk. Tickle tries to move Coach Faber’s parking sign, but breaks it in half instead and sets it up in the gym.

Team Cruz hits the mat and Tickle is getting on Coach Cruz’s nerves already, finding ways to cut corners and skip out of practice. Cruz confronts him about it, but it doesn’t sound like Tickle takes it to heart.

Team Faber’s turn in the gym now, with Cristiano Marcello getting most of the coaches’ attention. Though Marcello is known for his standout jiu-jitsu, he’s going to draw from his stand up training at the “old school” Chute Boxe academy to surprise Lawrence by keeping it on the feet.

Coach Faber sees his parking sign and figures Cruz was behind it, so he tapes a widow’s peak and unibrow on Cruz’s wall picture. “Eye for an eye. Nothing crazy. We’ll ease into this big dog,” says Faber.

As the teams are switching out of the gym, an altercation occurs between Tickle and Cofer. Nothing comes of it, but a dislike is established between the two.

Cruz has Lawrence defending jiu-jitsu style takedowns over and over to prep for Marcello. Team Faber gets to the gym while Team Cruz is still packing up. Team Cruz also constructed a thong for Faber’s wall photo to “cover his butt chin.”

Faber gives Cruz some crap for staying over the allotted gym time. Things get slightly tense, and Faber predicts that they’ll only escalate. A tape Hitler mustache ends up on Cruz’s face.

Faber works with Marcello for the fight, with the big sticking point being for the experienced Brazilian to keep his chin down.

Weigh-in time. Justin Lawrence comes in at 156lbs, and Cristiano Marcello follows suit, tipping the scales at 156lbs.

Justin Lawrence vs. Cristiano Marcello

Round 1: No glove touch as Lawrence circles away to the outside immediately. Lawrence moving well, just misses a big overhand right. Marcello avoids. Both men demonstrating respect; Marcello doing well to keep clear of most of Lawrence’s strikes. Lawrence manages to connect with a leg kick. Marcello trying to pin Lawrence to the fence and unload but Lawrence runs away to get clear. A measure pace as the fight passes the halfway mark. Marcello making Lawrence miss, but can’t pin him down to capitalize. Lawrence knocks Marcello off-balance with a push kick. He pops up without taking anymore damage. Lawrence connects with a left hook as MArcello leads with a knee. Marcello with a pair of lefts. The action is starting to pick up as Marcello stalks after Lawrence. Lawrence with another counter left hook. Both men try for flashy kicks back and forth, but neither connects clean.

FightLine scores the round 10-10

Round 2: Marcello trying for the front kick. Marcello closes the distance and secures a body lock, but Lawrence fights free and resumes taking position on the outside. Lawrence lands a solid overhand right. Lawrence starting to establish his kicks. Marcello overcommits and gets dumped to the mat swiftly by Lawrence, who allows him to stand. Lawrence with a solid left. Marcello lands a knee that Lawrence counters with a one-two. Marcello is coming after Lawrence more aggressively, but gets sat down by a left hook. He’s hurt and Lawrence can tell, he’s turning up the pressure, but staying patient. Lawrence follows his corners instructions, feints the right and knocks Marcello out cold with a hard left hook behind it.

Justin Lawrence defeated Cristiano Marcello via KO (punch) at 3:16 of round 2

Time for the fight pick, which is again in Team Cruz’s hands. Team Cruz picks Myles Jury to face Al Iaquinta in next week’s episode. That’s it for this week, thanks for checking us out!