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FOX Execs Attempt To Tailor Joe Rogan’s Commentating

If you’ve watched a UFC event for longer than thirty seconds (and if you’re reading this, then you have), chances are you noticed Joe Rogan.

The UFC’s longtime color commentator, Rogan’s voice has become synonymous with UFC broadcasts. Though excited to the point of occasionally being spastic, Rogan’s commentating is informative and entertaining, which is the whole point. Apparently, that concept is lost on FOX executives, as Rogan revealed during a recent installment of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast that the FOX production team has attempted to alter the feel of the broadcast (props to MMAMania for the transcription).

Look: I’ve been doing the UFC for how long? F***ing, who knows? ’97. It’s very rare does anyone say anything. But, once we started going on FOX, the producer had to actually tell me in my ear, the FOX executive was like, ‘Tell him to take it down a notch.’ When I get excited about something, the way I get excited about it, that’s natural. I’m pumping it up. When I’m actually fired up… of course (people) like it! But these f***ing dummy executives — and I’m not saying the FOX ones — I’m saying pretty much a huge percentage of the group of people in the ‘producer’ position, a lot of them think they’re creative.

You can’t tell me to deliver the way I deliver. I’ve been doing it forever. They either like it or they don’t. Most people like it. If you don’t, tough s***. If it doesn’t sound like your f***ing baseball guys, your basketball guys — it’s not supposed to. It’s not! It’s not supposed to. It’s a different f***ing sport, and it’s just the way I do it. If it was football, I probably wouldn’t do it this way. You’re lucky I don’t curse! Well, I’m lucky I got the job. Really, I’m lucky too.

But the whole idea behind going in and saying, ‘Oh, we’re gonna fix all this and fix all that,’ like, that’s what happens in movies! That’s what happens on TV shows. That’s what would happen on this podcast. If we brought in production people and said, ‘We’re gonna move the podcast to a studio and bring in some producers, take some of the strain away from me,’ and just had people just whispering in my ear saying, ‘Hey man. Why don’t you change the subject. This is a bad subject.’ Do you know how f***ing crazy we would go?!