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Rampage’s TRT Use Leading To More TUE Requests

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s admission in a FightersOnly interview that he was put on Testosterone Replacement Therapy after injuring his knee prior to UFC 144 has raised even more questions about MMA’s hot-button issue: TRT.

Based on the facts presented, many people are doubting the legitimacy of the channels fighters sometimes go through to obtain TRT and question exactly what kind of role the promotions and athletic commissions actually play in promoting or discouraging it’s steadily-increasing usage by fighters.

In a recent interview with Josh Gross (transcribed by FightOpinion), Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer revealed (among other things) that Rampage’s public promotion of TRT has prompted the increase of fighters looking into getting therapeutic use exemptions.

We probably had about, maybe, a couple of handful of athletes over the years ask for it and, like I said, I’ve had three guys who competed on it, so not much… but I have a feeling, like I said, from the recent influx of people e-mailing me or calling me and wanting to know, ‘well, what’s the procedure, my doctor says I have this issue,’ and, okay, well, if that’s true, you’re going to have to jump through all these hoops. I mean, again, we require what WADA requires and then some additional things. So, I’m not sure how you can get more serious than that? But on the flip side, too, I don’t want it to be a scarlet letter, you know. I mean, that seems to be the attitude. You see some people, even some people that have medical degrees make comments like, ‘well, they should not allow any TRT exemptions.’ Really? Really? That’s about the most ridiculous thing that I’ve ever heard in my life! That’s one thing.

The whole issue of TRT in MMA is a sticky and confusing one; head over to FightOpinion for some helpful clarification by Zach Arnold.