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Josh Barnett Breaks Down Dos Santos Vs. Overeem

The UFC 146 all-heavyweight main card will culminate in a heavyweight title fight in the main event between champion Junior dos Santos and Alistair Overeem. One of the top Zuffa-contracted heavyweights not on the card (or in the UFC yet, for that matter), Josh Barnett, is keeping an eye on that bout, as his own Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix finals match against Daniel Cormier could see him at or near the front of the line to challenge the winner.

The Warmaster spoke with MMAInterviews’ Spencer Lazara recently and broke down the impending dos Santos-Overeem battle.

Depends on how Alistair imparts his gameplan I think Junior is a fantastic boxer, he’s got a lot of speed, he’s got good reach and height and he’ll be able to touch Alistair. But, if Alistair can put the pressure on him, change it up from his kicks, to the knees, to the punches and change those distances and those timings — the ground is a wash, Alistair is superior. He’s a big guy, too, so if dos Santos is under him, it’s gonna take a lot out of him. The kickboxing, that’s where it’s gonna be the difference. Alistair’s gotta chop those legs, he’s gotta step, throw those knees through; he’s gotta time those shots and he can’t let dos Santos pick away at him.

Check out the video below and get excited for the heavyweight action to come in 2012.