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Ronda Rousey Keeping Company With MMA’s Most Notorious

It was only a matter of time.

During a recent appearance on MMAWeekly Radio with Damon Martin, Rousey revealed that she’s aligned herself with the man who inspired her campaign for Miesha Tate’s title, Chael Sonnen.

“One thing’s changed,” Rousey told Martin coyly when asked how her life has changed since beating Tate to become champion. “My company changes a lot more ever since I started. I don’t know if I can say anything right now, I haven’t gotten the go ahead. Someone notorious is in my company.”

Later in the interview, West Linn’s baddest man took the phone and revealed his presence:

“Hey brother, it’s Chael. Welcome to the Dark Side. The bad guys have united.”

In addition to Sonnen, Rousey also stated her plans to train further with the Cesar Gracie fight team (with whom Sonnen has also partnered in the past) ahead of her first title defense against Sarah Kaufman.

“Yeah, I’m going up there from the third to the sixteenth,” Rousey said in reference to the Cesar Gracie crew, who’re stationed in Northern California. “It’s actually going to be the first time ever since I started doing MMA that I’m gonna be training for an actual extended period of time away from my core camp that I’ve always been with. Which is funny, ’cause when I did judo, I used to go around all the time … to go train somewhere else. For some reason it’s something I never did in MMA. So, they invited me to come train up there and they’re good at a bunch of things I need to work on. So, I’m super-excited.”

I think we’re getting ready to witness the birth of a new power alliance in mixed martial arts…