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Crazy Bob Cook Gives AKA Status Report

The American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, California is one of the most renowned MMA camps in the world, having produced a bevy of the sport’s luminaries and with deep roots in the sport.

Things at AKA have been quite shaken up lately though, as longtime jiu-jitsu coach Dave Camarillo and flagship fighter Josh Koscheck have both parted ways with the camp. The team has also seen the addition of a few new fighters to their roster.

With so much going on, ChokeOutTV caught up with AKA head trainer “Crazy” Bob Cook to get a status report on the gym.

“Koscheck, he’s doing his own thing down in Fresno,” said Cook. “He’s just working, setting up camp down there. I think he’s got some good people coming in and he’s got some good training going on. So, hopefully we’re gonna get a chance to see him do some good things in his next fight. …

“Dave (Camarillo) opened another school here in San Jose, so he’s teaching down there,” he went on. “Couple of the guys go down and work with him some, still. We’ve got Leandro Vieira here also, as a jiu-jitsu coach at the main AKA and that’s been a great addition to the school. Lots of good stuff. The guys can work with Dave and they can work with Leandro, so they’ve got top-notch jiu-jitsu.”

Cook went on to give updates on regular gym presences Daniel Cormier and Kyle Kingsubry, as well as new additions Todd Duffee and Gray Maynard. Check out the full video below to get caught up on the happenings at AKA.