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MMA Opposer Bob Reilly Steps Down From Office

Bob Reilly will not be seeking reelection as Democratic Assemblyman for the state of New York.

“I believe a limited term of service is integral to the concept of a citizen legislator. I do not want to morph into a professional politician,” Reilly said in a statement (via Capitol Confidential).

Reilly has been one of MMA’s most ardent detractors, frequently campaigning against the sport’s legalization in New York. Allegedly influenced by the Culinary Union, who have a beef with the UFC related to the Fertitta brothers casino business and have been major contributors to Reilly’s campaign efforts over the years, Reilly was unrelenting in his stance on MMA legalization.

Many see Reilly’s retirement as having opened the door for MMA legalization in New York, but things may not turn out to be that simple. Reilly is supporting a longtime Democratic Assembly staff member, Kevin Frazier, as his replacement. It’s not at all inconceivable to think that Frazier’s stance on MMA legalization (and his campaign contributors) would remain as Reilly’s.

Albany County attorney Phil Steck has also expressed interest in making a go at the position.