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Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Wants Out Of The UFC

Former UFC light heavyweight champ and PRIDE superstar Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has been expressing his discontent with the UFC again since his UFC 144 defeat to Ryan Bader last month.

Choosing Twitter as his medium, Jackson went on a tirade recently in which he declared his intention to fight one last time in the UFC before moving on to greener pastures. Last night, Jackson took it one step further. The 33-year-old says that he no longer wants to fight with the UFC at all and would be more content to be let go.

@OldNickSuperchi the ufc makes billions off us all over the world,n pay us chump change! Boxers r boring but making buckets of money,THINK!

Well I’m hoping the @ufc just let me go so I can do my thang,they took my love of fighting after the Forest fight! #bloodtypeBpositive

@skanksideup y u care that its the ufc? I can fight better fights n a diff show!

Jackson has been on wavering terms with the UFC ever since he postponed a big money fight against Rashad Evans to take a role in The A-Team movie back in 2010. Stay tuned to see how this latest development turns out.