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Urijah Faber Has No Issue Coaching Dakota Cochrane

Upcoming participant on The Ultimate Fighter 15 Dakota Cochrane’s gay porn past has generated buzz and grabbed headlines leading up to the show’s premiere tomorrow night, but those close to the situation seem to be unfazed by the fighter’s college mistake.

Cochrane, a straight man, was talked into participating in gay porn for much-needed money (reportedly $80,000) during his lean college years. Chalking the whole thing up to a desperate mistake, Cochrane has moved on and started a family, and is now looking to fulfill his dreams of competing in the UFC.

UFC president Dana White has brushed the whole thing off, calling it a non-story. TUF 15 coach Urijah Faber recently told MMAWeekly that he’s in similar shoes. The California Kid explained that he’s interested to see what kind of dynamic it inspires among Cochrane’s fellow castmembers, but would welcome the fighter onto his team.

“I’m interested to see where his head’s at with the whole thing,” said Faber. “I mean, that’ll be a big deciding factor on how everyone else deals with it. It’s gonna come up, there’s no doubt about that. It’s not a subject that just gets looked over. So, I’m gonna deal with it by just being a good coach. If he’s on my team, I’ll make sure he has opportunity to win.

“If these guys want to make fun of him or pick on him or whatever, they may be getting beat up by him, so I wouldn’t make him look too bad because if you’re going to break a guy down and then he beats you up then that kind of makes you look bad. I would say it’s gonna come up, but the guy knows what he’s getting himself into. So, we’ll see how he handles it.”

Though he holds nothing against Cochrane, Faber did say he would advise Cochrane against engaging in similar activities in the future should the opportunity arise.

“I don’t have a problem coaching the kid,” he said. “I would maybe talk him out of doing something so degrading to himself if it comes up again, but other than that I just wish the best for him.”

The Ultimate Fighter 15 kicks off tomorrow night on FX.