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Ronda Rousey On Tate: “I Didn’t Feel In Danger At Any Time”

A confident Ronda Rousey says she never felt threatened by Miesha Tate in her submission victory at last night’s Strikeforce Championship bout. After putting on an impressive display of Olympic-caliber judo against a proven veteran, it is hard to disagree with the 5-0 phenom.

“I didn’t feel in danger at any time. I knew that if Miesha got in any position like on top or the back that she would kind of stall out. I didn’t really feel in danger from any of her submissions at all,” said Rousey.

Despite giving up her back midway through the first round, Rousey was on the offensive for most of the fight. Utilizing powerful hip throws and trips, the Olympic bronze medalist appeared capable of taking Tate down at will and was equally effective on the ground with her trademark armbar. While Tate managed to avoid the first submission attempt, she could not defend the second as Rousey broke her arm 4:27 into the first round.

“No I didn’t feel like I really had it on the first one,” explained Rousey. “The second one I knew for sure I could get it and that’s why I abandoned such a dominant position. The first one I kind of just fell into it. It didn’t really feel that secure. I knew I was going to lose that one.”

Rousey’s dominant performance silenced critics who felt the vocal bantamweight had simply talked her way into a title shot. While she is just beginning her MMA career, the California native has already made a huge statement against Tate. With her biggest fight behind her, she was able to find some time for humor at the post-fight presser.

“The one thing I remember is that I’m not wearing short shorts again because that crossed my mind in the middle of the match. I was like ‘oh my god, these damn shorts!’ And I can’t have that on my mind,” joked the bantamweight champ.

Rousey will likely defend her belt against the highly touted Sarah Kaufman. After running through her competition to date, she may be more concerned about her apparel than her next opponent.