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McCall And Johnson Discuss Rematch Caused By Error

An error made by the New South Wales Department of Sport and Recreation official Craig Waller led to improper scores being read for the flyweight tournament bout between Ian McCall and Demetrious Johnson.

The bout was called a majority decision in Johnson’s favor when, in fact, it had been ruled a majority draw. The UFC had set up rules for the flyweight tournament for that specific instance, where McCall and Johnson would have entered a sudden death fourth round to determine a clear victor. Due to the bungling of the score report by Waller, McCall and Johnson have been scheduled for a rematch.

McCall, for one, was positively upbeat about the whole situation (it probably didn’t hurt that he and Johnson earned Fight of the Night and were both paid their win bonuses), happy to have another opportunity to put on a show and advance in the 125lbs tournament.

“Things happen,” said McCall. “Shoot, we get to fight again. You guys had a good time, right? So, we’ll put on another show and whatever. I’m happy, because I got a little vindicated, but we get to do it again and that’s awesome.”

Johnson, who survived a dicey final round to originally win a decision, didn’t quite share McCall’s enthusiasm at the prospect of a rematch. Mighty Mouse cited the logjam it already creates in the newly implemented featherweight division, since the man who won the other side of the bracket, Joseph Benavidez, now has to wait out the winner to fight for the belt.

“I thought I had the victory,” said Johnson. “It sucks, just ’cause it’s going to prolong stuff. Even for Joseph Benavidez, he’s probably gonna have to sit out for six months. These fights aren’t easy, they’re hard on the body. It takes time to recuperate, get your face healed and get back after it. … I was ready to go to the fourth round and do my job.”

The opening round of the flyweight tournament took place at UFC on FX 2: Alves vs. Kampmann, which went down at the Allphones Arena in Sydney, Australia. McCall and Johnson are reportedly due to meet again in April.