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“UFC On FX: Alves Vs. Kampmann” Results

Welcome to’s live coverage of UFC on FX: Alves vs. Kampmann. Tonight’s fight card comes to us live from the Allphones Arena in Sydney, Australia. The main card will air live on FX while the preliminary card will air on Fuel TV.

Now, on to the action! We’ll have live round-by round coverage of all preliminary and main card bouts updated every few minutes. Remember to keep refreshing this page for the most up to date results.


Shawn Jordan defeated Oli Thompson via TKO (knee and punches) at 1:07 of round 2

Mackens Semerzier vs. Daniel Pineda

Round 1: Semerzier gets off first with an inside leg kick and keeps solid offense going as Pineda pressures him into the cage. Semerzier turns him and lands a nice knee to the body. Semerzier gets clipped while throwing a lunging knee. Semerzier gets in a clean knee inside. Semerzier catches Pineda low with an inside kick. Pineda only takes a moment before resetting. THey touch gloves and get after it, Semerzier countering an outside leg kick with a right hand. Pineda drops Semerzier with a left hook, takes mount and locks up a triangle choke. Semerzier defends and Pineda switches to an armbar, cranking it hard to force the tap.

Daniel Pineda defeated Mackens Semerzier via submission (triangle/armbar) at 2:05 of round 1

TJ Waldburger vs. Jake Hecht

Round 1: Hecht wants to counter and he’s doing it well. Waldburger clinches and hits the trip; he immediately isolates the right arm and goes for an armbar as Hecht tries to rise to his feet. Waldburger only tightens the hold as Hecht tries to fight free, forcing him to tap.

TJ Waldburger defeated Jake Hecht via submission (armbar) at :55 of round 1

Kyle Noke vs. Andrew Craig

Round 1: No glove touch to kick off this middleweight tilt. Noke closes the distance and hits the takedown. Craig scoots back to the fence; Noke working a front headlock position. Noke spins and takes his back very quickly. He briefly threatens with the rear naked, but Craig defends. Noke is all over him, staying on his back standing. He lands a nice knee before manhandling Craig back to the mat and going for the rear naked again. He drags Craig down with one hook in; he tries to turn into mount but ends up in full guard. Craig throws up a loose triangle attempt, ends up working a high guard; Noke avoids any danger there and goes to work with mean ground and pound. Craig gets to his feet, but Noke stays on him. Craig threatens the takedown and breaks free. Craig displayed some nice composure there in some tough spots. Noke gets tagged by a solid left hook. Craig putting on some pressure, but Noke keeping him honest with counters.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Noke

Round 2: A measured stand up exchange starts the second. Craig is pressuring and cutting off the cage, while Noke looks to counter. Noke goes for the high single and ends up on his back when Craig defends. Craig looking to pass, working ground and pound. Noke throwing up his legs and trying to threaten, but he doesn’t stay tight enough and Craig shuts him down. A minute to go here and Craig is controlling Noke completely. Noke gets tired of working in the guard and backs out, letting Noke to his feet. Noke with a solid kick to the body, but Craig catches him with something during a quick combination — could have been a slip — and Noke goes down. Craig ends the round in dominant position on top.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Craig

Round 3: They touch gloves for the final frame. Things start respectful again, with Craig pushing forward and Noke throwing counters. Noke gets knocked off balance after a front kick. Craig with a solid right. Craig is pressuring Noke, landing some solid punches. Noke shoots for the takedown, but Craig defends and lands some short punches. Craig is denied on a takedown attempt. Noke dives for another takedown that Craig defends well against the fence. Noke is relentless though and eventually puts him down. Craig has his back to the fence and uses it to stand in short order. Craig looking the fresher of the two fighters with two minutes to go. After some ineffectual striking by both, Craig hits a blast double and plants Noke on the canvas against the cage. Noke tries to work for an armbar, but Craig isn’t having it. Thirty seconds to go and Noke is getting roughed up on the ground. Craig looking to take Noke’s back as he attempts to stand; Noke rolls for a kneebar that Craig defends easily.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Craig

Andrew Craig defeated Kyle Noke via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Cole Miller vs. Steven Siler

Round 1: No glove touch as the round starts. Siler takes the center; Miller working his range from the outside. Siler gets in a few good leg kicks before Miller closes the distance and engages the clinch. They trade position back and forth on the cage before Siler breaks away. Siler doing well on the feet, he catches a leg kick and dumps Miller to the mat. Siler lets him up. Siler catches another kick, bullying Miller some. Miller with a stiff jab. Miller scoring with straight shots on the feet, Siler with leg kicks and hard hooks. Miller lands a hard right. Miller shoots for the takedown, but Siler defends and presses Miller into the fence. They break. Miller cracks Siler with a right, but Siler takes it and comes right back with a combination. Miller with a nice leg kick. Miller on his heels as Siler pressures. Siler clinches and takes Miller to the wall. Miller defends and separates. Siler wobbles him with a two-piece from the Thai clinch. Siler chasing Miller, but Magrinho seems to have recovered. Miller shoots for the takedown and Siler slaps on the guillotine, depositing Miller on the mat and ending the round on top.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Siler

Round 2: Miller with a jab that Siler answers with another hard leg kick. Siler bullies Miller into the fence; Miller firing back, but Siler overwhelms him with volume. Miller put on his heels briefly, but he eventually engages the clinch and works for the takedown. Siler doing well in avoiding it so far. Miller eventually puts Siler down for a moment, but Siler pops right back up. Miller keeps him in the plum and does some good damage, but Siler reverses him and pecks him with three stiff jabs. Miller’s movement sluggish, he’s getting caught with his back on the fence. Miller with a nice uppercut and right hand follow-up. Miller tags Siler with a solid combo and Siler answers with one of his own. Two minutes to go and the striking has evened out some, though Siler is still the aggressor. Siler with a hard body shot from the pocket. Siler putting his hands on Miller, who’s backing up and away. Siler grating Miller against the cage; they trade position before Siler breaks. Siler landing solid punches after the break, backing Miller up again. Miller clinches, but can’t do anything with it and Siler breaks away.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Siler

Round 3: Siler denies the glove touch and they exchange some words to start the third. Siler pressuring, throwing in volume. Miller throws a high kick that Siler blocks and counters. Siler to the body. Siler lands a nice combo; Miller’s face is starting to tell the tale of this fight, his right eye bruised and slightly bloody. Siler with a hard right hand. Miller fighting back, but Siler continues marching forward and overwhelming Miller with multi-punch combinations. Miller defends a takedown. Two and a half to go in the fight. Miller complains of an eyepoke. Miller with a front kick. Miller engages the plum, but Siler defends well before he can do anything with it. Miller with a nice jab before going for another takedown. Siler with his back to the fence, defending well. Siler bleeding from the nose. Miller working knees to the legs as we enter the final minute. Miller working hard for the takedown and he eventually gets it, landing in half guard. Miller working for mount and he gets it. Under twenty seconds to go and Siler is defending from Miller’s onslaught well. Siler regains guard before the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Miller

Steven Siler defeated Cole Miller via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Anthony Perosh vs. Nick Penner

Round 1: They touch gloves to kick things off. Perosh closes the distance twice looking for the takedown and gets denied. Penner countering well, lands a big left hand as Perosh moves in. Penner got split open under the left eye in one of those exchanges. Perosh gets the body lock and hits an inside trip. Penner has guard and scissor sweeps Perosh beautifully, landing some ground and pound before getting back to his feet. Perosh eagerly working to close the distance; Penner doing well at keeping him off. Perosh closes the gap and presses Penner into the cage. Penner turns Perosh into the cage; they jockey for position. Penner goes to break away and Perosh lands a hard knee. Perosh goes for the takedown again, dragging Penner to the mat with a single. Perosh in half guard, landing some mean elbows. Perosh moves into full mount with just under a minute to go. Perosh dogging Penner with hard shots. Penner turtling; Perosh goes for the head and arm choke, but Penner defends. Perosh goes back to work with ground and pound, hammering Penner until the ref has seen enough and calls a halt to the bout a second before the bell.

Anthony Perosh defeated Nick Penner via TKO (strikes) at 4:59 of round 1

James Te Huna vs. Aaron Rosa

Round 1: No glove touch for this light heavyweight tilt. Things begin measured, each man feeling out their range. Te Huna gets in with a hard left uppercut to close the distance. Both men trade inside the phone booth and Te Huna bulls Rosa into the fence. Te Huna breaks away and lands a hard two-piece. Te Huna is just straight up battering Rosa on the feet now, coming hard with powerful punch. Rosa is hanging in there, but he’s cut and taking damage. Rose wilts, slumping to the mat as Te Huna continues to batter him. Referee Leon Roberts calls a stop to it when it’s clear that Rosa won’t be doing more than taking punishment.

James Te Huna defeated Aaron Rosa via TKO (strikes) at 2:08 of round 1


Court McGee vs. Constantinos Philippou

John Sharp will oversee the night’s first main card bout, which takes place in the middleweight division.

Round 1: McGee takes the center, Philippou moving away, circling on the outside. Philippou stinging McGee with some of the shots he’s landing on the feet. McGee hanging tough and keeping Philippou honest. Philippou timing McGee, looking to land a hard counter. McGee feinting the takedown well. Philippou winging some heavy leather; McGee is doing well to avoid most of the shots, but can’t hit the takedown or establish his own striking offense. Philippou avoiding the takedown well. It’s a very measured first round; under a minute to go and neither mand has landed much of consequence. McGee lands a left hook. McGee dives for two takedowns and gets denied. McGee with another left before the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-10

Round 2: McGee comes at Philippou and eats a hard left that backs him off. McGee wading forward, Philippou moving away and firing off of his back foot. Philippou getting in some solid counters. It’s an evenly-paced fight, with Philippou holding a slight edge in the measured stand up exchanges that take place. McGee tries for a takedown from the body lock, but Philippou defends. Two and a half to go in the second and both men staying very respectful of the other. Philippou countering well. Philippou defends the takedown and makes McGee pay with an uppercut. McGee grating Philippou on the cage, but Costa backs him off in short order. Philippou has drawn blood from McGee and is starting to put his punches together. McGee tries for a spinning elbow from the clinch, but misses. McGee pressuring, but Philippou landing the harder shots on the counter.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Philippou

Round 3: They touch gloves to start the final round. McGee still pressuring, but Philippou is maintaining his composure, moving well and landing counters. McGee getting in some nice shots when he’s able to pin Philippou down for a moment. Philippou gets clipped low and takes a moment to recover. They touch gloves and reset. McGee shoots for a takedown, lifts Philippou high with a high single and dumps Philippou to the mat. Philippou just stands up and shakes McGee off. Philippou throws McGee briefly to the mat, but doesn’t try to follow. McGee with a flying knee hat glances. McGee coming after Philippou with combinations; Philippou tags him with a hard shot. McGee with a wheel kick that barely misses. Philippou may be landing the harder shots, but McGee is landing slightly more frequently and staying the aggressor. Philippou with a hard leg kick. McGee matching hard after Philippou. He goes for the takedown and Philippou easily denies him. Philippou circling away and feinting, defending well but not landing all that much. Philippou defends another takedown.

FightLine scores the round 10-10k

Costa Philippou defeated Court McGee via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Demetrious Johnson vs. Ian McCall

The night’s first flyweight tournament bout will be officiated by Leon Roberts.

Round 1: They touch gloves and Johnson takes the center, landing an inside leg kick. Johnson with an outside leg kick. Johnson showing his impressive speed early on. McCall hits a brilliant inside trip to deposit Johnson on the mat with his against the cage. McCall working for mount from half guard. McCall works hard to pass and almost takes mount, but Johnson reverses, prompting McCall to stand to his feet. Johnson putting his hands together on the feet before they clinch and trade knees. McCall knocks Johnson off balance and they reset. McCall catches the kick and hits a nice sweep, planting Johnson on the mat again. Johnson rises and they trade knees from the clinch. McCall times a nice knee as Johnson moves in. McCall defends the takedown well, but gets clipped with a right hand. Johnson comes after McCall, who defends well and remains upright. McCall with an inside leg kick. Johnson goes for a head kick that’s blocked.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for McCall

Round 2: Johnson goes for the takedown and lands a nice shot on the break, but McCall answers with a nice combo that backs Johnson off. McCall with a hard leg kick. Johnson doing well landing in the exchanges. McCall stumbles Johnson with a right hand. Johnson gets caught low with a kick. He takes his time, they touch gloves and restart. They briefly clinch and McCall lands a knee. Johnson with an inside leg kick. McCall digs in and lands some solid punches from the pocket. McCall with a body kick. McCall shoots, is denied, but scores with shots from the clinch. Johnson tries for a takedown from the position, but McCall makes him pay with knees from the clinch. Both men scoring on the feet, Johnson with a speed edge and McCall with a lead in power. Johnson with a body kick. McCall engages the clinch and hits another nice inside trip. Johnson pushes McCall into the fence and McCall tags him with knees.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Johnson

Round 3: They trade inside leg kicks and McCall gets in another outside. Both men trading kicks. McCall gets in a nice one inside. McCall takes a shot low and gets tagged when he takes a break without the ref’s intervention. McCall presses Johnson into the cage and then defends the takedown. McCall catches a flying knee and plants Johnson on the mat, taking half guard. Johnson uses an underhook to eventually get to his feet after taking a few shots on the ground. McCall times a very nice suplex off of Johnson’s forward movement and takes Johnson’s back in short order. McCall flattens Johnson out and starts in with ground and pound. Johnson trying to fight to his feet; McCall gives up back control and tries to control Johnson as he stands. Johnson manages to break away, but he’s bleeding from the face. Johnson tries to reverse a takedown, but McCall defends and ends up on top. McCall threatens with a guillotine and then takes full mount with thirty seconds to go. Johnson squirming frantically. Johnson rolls over and a fired up McCall tees off, pounding away at Johnson until the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for McCall

Demetrious Johnson defeated Ian McCall via majority decision (29-28, 28-28, 29-28)

The crowd erupts in boos at the reading of the decision.

Joseph Benavidez vs. Yasuhiro Urushitani

The night’s second flyweight tourney fight will be reffed by Steve Perceval.

Round 1: Benavidez with an inside leg kick. Urushitani circling, looking to counter. Urushitani doing well utilizing his range and staying clear of Benavidez’s strikes so far. Urushitani with a nice counter right as Benavidez moves in. Benavidez bulls Urushitani into the cage; Urushitani defending the takedown well. Benavidez tries for a shoulder throw that Urushitani defends; Benavidez tags him with a knee on the break. Benavidez working hard for a high single; Urushitani defending very well, but he eventually loses the battle and ends up on his back holding half guard. Benavidez passes to side control, then moves to mount after some position fighting. Urushitani gives up his back. Under thirty seconds to go and Benavidez has in the body triangle. Benavidez working for the rear naked with ten seconds left; Urushitani lasts to the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Benavidez

Round 2: Benavidez drops Urushitani with a right hook counter off the kick that drops him; Benavidez follows Urushitani down with a torrent of ground and pound that seals the deal.

Joseph Benavidez defeated Yasuhiro Urushitani via TKO (strikes) at :11 of round 2


Thiago Alves vs. Martin Kampmann

Herb Dean will be the third man in the cage for tonight’s welterweight main event.

Round 1: They touch gloves and Alves takes the center, walking Kampmann down. Alves pressuring Kampmann, who’s moving on the outside, with hard leg kicks and solid punches. Kampmann circles off the fence and shoots for the takedown. He eventually fights Alves to the mat, but Pitbull pops to his feet and escapes immediately. Kampmann lands a hard right hand and tags Alves with a head kick. Kampmann closes the gap and takes Alves down with the body lock. Alves stands and eats a knee before circling away. Alves bleeding from the corner of the left eye. Kampmann shoots for another takedown that Alves defends and answers with one of his own. Alves in Kampmann’s full guard with just over two minutes to go. Alves passes to side control as Kampmann threatens with a guillotine. Kampmann recovers half guard. Alves passes to full mount. Under a minute left. Alves having to stay close to Kampmann to keep him down, but he’s successful in doing so until right before the bell, when Kampmann fights to his feet.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Alves

Round 2: Alves feeds Kampmann a nice right hand down the pipe as he moves forward. Alves gets pinned on the cage briefly for backing straight up as he counters. Alves landing solid straight shots on Kampmann, then a hard left hook as Kampmann presses forward. Alves landing the harder punches in this round; he opens a cut under Kampmann’s right eye. Kampmann shoots deep for a double but Alves defends deftly and goes back on the attack. Alves with a hard outside leg kick. Alves sticks Kampmann with a hard right traight. Alves stalking Kampmann, picking his spots and defending well against Kampmann’s counters. Kampmann comes forward with a brief flurry punctuated by a knee that backs Alves up. Alves circles out. Kampmann goes for the takedown as the round closes, but Alves defends.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Alves

Round 3: Alves gets off a one-two-leg kick combo that has Kampmann showing frustration on his face. After a brief exchange, Alves shoots for the takedown and is denied. Kampmann turns him into the cage and tries for a takedown himself, which Alves defends. Alves circles out, but Kampmann pressures him and backs him into the cage again, where he looks for the takedown. Alves backs away and shucks Kampmann off of him. Alves with another hard leg kick. Kampmann backs Alves up again and lands a knee against the cage. Alves lands another leg kick and then a left that pops Kampmann’s head back. Alves fighting well off of his back foot now. Kampmann sneaks in a nice left; they both try for takedowns from the body lock and both defend. The crowd boos a brief stalemate. Alves tags Kampmann with right that backs him up, he swarms him and goes for the takedown, but gives up his neck as he does. Kampmann slaps on the guillotine, rolls him over and forces the tap.

Martin Kampmann defeated Thiago Alves via submission (guillotine choke) at 4:12 of round 3