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Frankie Edgar Wants Immediate Rematch Before Move To 145

By the way people are urging Frankie Edgar to drop to featherweight, you’d think the very recently deposed UFC lightweight champion would’ve gotten absolutely steamrolled in his title defense against Benson Henderson last Saturday.

In reality, Edgar battled back and forth with Bendo over five rounds to a decision loss that many still feel should have gone the champion’s way. Rather than be granted an immediate rematch, as he was forced to do twice during his own title run, Edgar has apparently been jumped in line by Henderson’s old rival Anthony Pettis.

Speaking with MMAWeekly, Edgar’s manager Ali Abdel-Aziz revealed that he will be pushing for an immediate rematch for his client regardless of the UFC’s intention to move forward with Henderson-Pettis 2.

“Frankie deserves a rematch,” said Abdel-Aziz. “We’re going to ask for a rematch. I talked to Lorenzo (Fertitta) and he believes Frankie scored 3 to 2, Dana White scored Frankie winning the fight.”

It’s hard not to see how Edgar would be offended by not only being overlooked for the immediate rematch after such a close fight, but by being prodded to vacate the division that he very recently ruled over. Abdel-Aziz did say that Edgar would likely head south eventually, but that he’ll do so on his own time and not for being run out of the weight class he currently inhabits.

“Frankie in the future will go down to 145, but he’s not going to go down now, he’s not. He’s not getting manhandled, he’s not getting destroyed, he won the fight,” Abdel-Aziz said. “Frankie’s not the type of guy to lose and then just cower and move to 145. This kid has so much heart and determination.”

Edgar suffered only his second professional loss against Henderson; his title run saw him defeat BJ Penn twice, fight Gray Maynard to a draw and then defeat him in a rematch.