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Benson Henderson Downs Frankie Edgar, Takes UFC Lightweight Crown

Benson Henderson inflicted his will on UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, taking his title in the main event of UFC 144: Edgar vs. Henderson. For “Smooth,” he becomes a champion in two organizations, as he also held the WEC title.

“I wanted to use my size to my advantage,” Henderson said. “Making weight kind of sucks for me and it’s a big price I pay. So, I want to make sure my opponent feels that pain.”

Henderson landed leg kick after leg kick to Edgar, following up with stiff jabs that cut and swelled up the left eye of “The Answer.” The most effective blow game when Henderson landed an upkick to the face of Edgar that looked to break his nose. Henderson also tried to lock in a guillotine, but Edgar was able to fight out of it.

“(Edgar) went in the right direction (during the submission); he knew what he was doing to get out of it,” Henderson said. “Props off to him.”

Edgar, who knocked out Gray Maynard to defend his title last year, landed 124 strikes to 114 by Henderson and also had seven takedowns to three by “Bendo.” However, Henderson’s strikes seemed to do more damage, as he had little wear and tear on his face following the five-round war.

“I thought I did enough to win,” Edgar said. “Those are the breaks; congrats to Benson. I thought I landed more strikes, I got more takedowns; I don’t know (why I didn’t win the decision).”