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UFC 144: Yushin Okami Vs. Tim Boetsch

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 144. To access our full coverage, click here.

Leon Roberts will referee this middleweight bout.

Round 1: Boetsch comes out aggressive, flicking out kicks. Boetsch putting his hands on Okami, but Thunder seems to be handling it well. He returns fire with a hard left straight. Okami cracks Boetsch with a right jab. Okami sends Boetsch off balance with another stiff right. Boetsch having trouble adjusting. Okami taking his time, but stalking Boetsch. Okami puts together a slick combo that has Boetsch turning his shoulder, fighting tentative. Boetsch is landing front kicks, but it only backs Okami off for so long. Okami nailing Boetsch with straight punches down the pipe. Boetsch fighting back, managing to touch Okami with a few hard punches. Okami lands a hard knee to the gut. Another stiff jab by Okami. Boetsch ends the round bloodied and wincing.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Okami

Round 2: More of the same to start this round: Okami on the prowl, tagging Boetsch with clean punches. Okami with a brutal knee to the gut. They clinch, Okami mashing Boetsch against the wall. Okami working the clinch game now, looking for the takedown. Okami eventually hits the double, though he winds up in a guillotine. Okami seems to be out of danger, waiting out the hold as Boetsch tires. He does just that, passing to half guard in the process. Okami working to pass, but Boetsch is defending well. Okami working for the arm triangle. Boetsch fights free, so Okami goes for the kimura. Okami moves in to mount, still working the kimura. He loses the hold, but still holds full mount. Okami starting to pummel Boetsch with thirty seconds left. He goes for the arm triangle again, but ends the round with a flurry of blows.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Okami

Round 3: Boetsch bulls in and gets hold of Okami, roughing him up from up close. Okami is on his heels, Boetsch has hurt him. Boetsch is pounding on Okami, chasing him around the Octagon and nailing him when he cuts him off; Okami is wilting. Boetsch pins him to the wall and blasts Okami with an uppercut that crumples him and finishes the fight. Great showing of heart by The Barbarian to come from behind and score the knockout.

Tim Boetsch defeated Yushin Okami via TKO (punches) at :54 of round 3