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Dana White On UFC’s Continued Growth

Dana White caught up with MMAWeekly to talk about the UFC’s expanding audience following the UFC 144 pre-fight press conference.

After inking a seven-year deal with Fox, the UFC has officially made it to the big leagues. Not surprisingly, White considered organizations like the NFL and MLB serious competition when asked whether or not they would be viewed as rivals.

“Yes. I consider our competition anything that catches the attention of 18-34 year old males,” commented White. “You won’t see me having any fights on the Super Bowl, the night of the Super Bowl or anything like that.”

Yet, when asked about professional wrestling, White had a very different opinion.

“I think that the WWE attracts a younger audience than we do,” said the UFC president.

The UFC certainly has experienced a surge in popularity, going from a fledgling promotion founded in 1993 to one that sold 55,000 tickets for UFC 129 in 2011. With that growth has come a more diverse audience, including an increasing female fanbase.

“Our demographic has expanded a lot more than I ever thought it would. I mean, with older people, with women, with girls. I mean, it’s crazy,” said White.

“There’s some stat that Facebook gave us, like 86 million girls 13 years old to 17 year olds are friends with somebody who is a UFC fan. Something like 86 million, that’s a stat that Facebook gave us, if I said it right.”