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Rashad Evans: There Is No One; Jon Jones Can Lose And He Will

Rashad Evans will take on his former training partner, current UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, this April in a grudge match that has been brewing since Jones took the crown.

He’ll have his work cut out for him, as Jones is widely regarded as the next big thing in MMA, a near-unbeatable young dynamo who will only grow in the sport and extend his title run from here on out. The sky seems to be the limit for Jones, but Evans has heard this prophecy before and he’s not buying.

“See, that’s one thing Jon doesn’t understand: There’s no such thing as time, there’s just what is. There’s been so many people like him that’s always been the one, but that’s the secret, there is no one. Anybody can lose any given day and he’s gonna find that out,” said Evans.

With such intense anger shared between them, Evans admits that he’ll have to keep his emotions in check leading up to the fight, but that he’ll no doubt be embracing that feud to a manageable degree.

“There’s always emotions in each fight. People that say there are no emotions in a fight, they’re not really in the moment, really at the fight. I am gonna have to just be a little bit conscious of it and just not get too carried away with it but, me and Jon, we’ve competed against each other before,” he said. “We always bring it every time we competed, even when we competed in practice. It’s like we’ve always been there before. I’m thinking we’re gonna find our rhythm and go at it like we always do. Like we used to do when he wouldn’t want me to take him down and I wouldn’t want him to take me down and we’d just go at it and battle back and forth. It’s gonna be the same thing. I don’t really care too much about him and he don’t care too much about me and it’s gonna make it that much funner.”

UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans takes place on April 21 at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.