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After Watching More Carefully, Joe Rogan Thinks Nick Diaz Beat Carlos Condit

Add one more to the Nick Diaz column on the chart, “Who Won the UFC 143 Main Event?”

On his podcast (which you should be watching), UFC color commentator Joe Rogan explained why his mind changed from seeing Carlos Condit the victor on fight night to believing Nick Diaz the rightful winner after watching the five-rounder in a different setting.

“When I watched the fight at home I had a slightly different opinion,” Rogan explained of the interim welterweight title fight between Diaz and Condit. “When I watched it live, I thought that Carlos Condit won it and I thought, going into the fifth round — I was saying, in the fourth round, I was like ‘Carlos Condit is winning this fight.’ And when I said that, I was a little bit out of school, because on the scorecards maybe necessarily he wasn’t winning it, in my head even. But, there was a trend in round three and four where Condit was scoring way more than Diaz was. … I felt like it was moving away from (Diaz). And then Diaz took his back in the fifth. So, you gotta say, ‘Man, that was the biggest moment of the fight right there.'”

Explaining that it’s hard to remain an objective viewer of the overall fight while also breaking down the fine mechanics of what’s actually going on for the viewers at home, Rogan watched Diaz-Condit at home with a keener eye and developed the opinion that Diaz deserved the nod in the decision.

“The bottom line is, when I watched it at home, I gave Nick Diaz round one, round two, and round five,” he said. “So, at home when I watched it, I thought Nick Diaz won the fight. Live, at the cage, I thought Carlos Condit might’ve edged him.”

Speculation has swirled since the fight ended over who won the fight and, now, if there will be a rematch. The rumor mill is turning madly, with allegations of positive drug tests and posturing for money abounding, but no real truth yet to speak of.