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UFC 143: Alex Caceres Vs. Edwin Figueroa

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit. To access our full coverage, click here.

Round 1: A glove touch to kick things off. Caceres immediately gets off two nice kicks and a solid left hand. Figueroa gets in a left hand that has Caceres wiping his right eye. Caceres knocks Figueroa off of his feet with a punch as he goes for a kick. Caceres hits Figueroa low with a left kick and he immediately drops to the mat, writhing about in severe pain. Figueroa having a hard time getting to his feet. Figueroa pounds the mat and gets to his feet. Caceres gets a strong warning as Figueroa takes the full injury time to recover. Caceres gets in a hard right hand as Figueroa moves in. Caceres looking fluid on his feet, mixing in a variety of kicks and hand strikes in to throw Figueroa off. Figueroa coming back at Caceres, but having a hard time getting anything off. Caceres with a slapping head kick. Figueroa knocks Caceres flat with a hard head kick and follows him down with ground and pound. Caceres recovering as Figueroa thinks about a choke. Caceres clears the cobwebs and gets to his feet, pressing Figueroa into the cage. Caceres drags Figueroa down with a front headlock. He takes Figueroa’s back in short order and goes for the rear naked. Figueroa slips out the back door, but Caceres stays on him and eventually takes his back standing. Caceres tries for a neck crank, bit Figueroa defends. Caceres with the body triangle. Figueroa defending, but giving up full mount briefly. Caceres is all over him though, taking his back again with the body triangle. Twenty seconds to go and Caceres rolls into mount and to the back again.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Caceres

Wild first round.

Round 2: Caceres working his range with a dynamic kick attack. Figueroa comes charging after Caceres, trying to land whatever he can, but Caceres slips out of the way. Figueroa says he got kicked low again, but referee Herb Dean tells him it was clean and to keep fighting. Caceres clips Figueroa with a head kick that stuns him. Caceres landing some solid kicks and getting out of the way when Figueroa comes chasing wildly after him. Oh man, Caceres lands another left kick straight to Figueroa’s package, dropping him like a sack of stones yet again. Figueroa taking his time again to recover. Dean takes two points from Caceres and restarts the action. Caceres coming after Figueroa with more urgency now because of the point deduction. He’s tagging Figueroa up on the feet, landing a hard head kick and knee around a flurry of punches. Figueroa drags him down again and takes Figueroa’s back, working the body triangle. Figueroa is fighting off Caceres’ attempts at the rear naked choke, but that’s about all. Caceres rolls for an armbar and switches to the triangle with forty seconds left. Caceres looks to have the triangle locked up, but he loses it in a scramble. Figueroa trying to land while standing over Caceres, but up-kicks keep him at bay.

FightLine scores the round 9-8 for Figueroa

Round 3: Figueroa clearly tired and hurting, but he’s coming after Caceres, trying to hit and hurt Bruce Leeroy. Caceres lands a glancing spinning back kick. Caceres with a Superman punch. Caceres still using his range well to get the better of Figueroa on his feet, sitting him down with a stiff right hand. Caceres goes for Figueroa’s back and takes it standing with his back to the cage. Caceres with the body triangle in and working for the rear naked choke, but Figueroa eventually shakes him off after a spell. Caceres takes his back again and eventually rolls for an armbar, allowing for Figueroa to posture up from his guard and fire down punches. Caceres has shown great control on the ground, but having a hard time identifying and completing all of the submission attempts that are available. Caceres working the triangle. Figueroa rolls for a kneebar, but opens the door for Caceres to take his back again, where he stays until the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Caceres

Edwin Figueroa defeated Alex Caceres via split decision (28-27, 27-28, 28-27)