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Carlos Condit Predicts A War With “The Toughest Dude” He’s Ever Fought

Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz is an intriguing fight, but it’s one that people are putting too much thought into at this stage, as Diaz still has to get past Carlos Condit tomorrow night before he ever gets a shot at GSP and the UFC welterweight title.

Diaz and Condit are fighting in the main event of UFC 143 tomorrow, but much of the promotion surrounding the event focused on the ill-will St-Pierre has for Diaz, their budding rivalry and the possibility that they may fight each other soon. Rather than let that disrespect get to him, Condit is using it as fuel and is eager to play the spoiler to GSP-Diaz this weekend.

“I feel like they’re planning that fight before this one’s even happened. And that’s fine because I have the opportunity to get in there and spoil those plans,” he said.

He knows it won’t be an easy task; he isn’t kidding himself about that. Condit clearly respects Diaz’s in-cage abilities and expects him to put up a hell of a fight, making for a bout that will leave the fans happy, even if it’s likely to leave both fighters bloody and battered.

“I expect a war,” asserted Condit. “You know, honestly, Nick is probably the toughest dude I’ve ever fought. he’s well rounded he has a pretty dynamic skill set. he’s pretty similar to me; we both come to fight. no matter who wins between Nick and myself, the fans are gonna win because it’s gonna be a phenomenal fight.”

Condit and Diaz will meet in the UFC 143 main event tomorrow at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. FightLine will be back on the night as always with our live, ongoing coverage of the fights.