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Details Emerge Concerning New UFC Opener “Evolution”

Saturday night, those that are in attendance or order UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit will witness history, as the UFC begins a new era with the debut of “Evolution.” The opener to the pay-per-view will not feature the old gladiator preparing for combat, as the UFC decided to retire that segment for “Evolution.”

“I knew it was time to change the gladiator, but I wasn’t gonna do that until something new and something big happened like this FOX deal came up,” said UFC president Dana White, during a special interview where he allowed members of the media to witness the trailer Thursday (thanks to “My staff hasn’t yet even seen this yet. You guys are the first people to see this. Tell me I don’t love you (expletives).”

Cameras were not allowed to tape the video, but it features Royce Gracie’s submission of Ken Shamrock to start, and ends with Anderson Silva’s knockout of Vitor Belfort. In between, there are the likes of Chuck Liddell, Georges St-Pierre, Matt Hughes and Jon Jones featured, as a total of 18 fighters and six Hall of Famers are included.

“This cost us some money, but I’m really happy with the end result,” said White, who brought in Hans Zimmer and Digital Domain to construct the 60-second spot.

As a reminder, FightLine will have complete coverage of UFC 143 Saturday night, including ongoing play-by-play of the event.