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Black House Head Ed Soares Details Jose Aldo’s Departure

It was announced this week that, several months after UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos parted ways with high-profile management team Black House, UFC featherweight champ Jose Aldo has done the same.

Aldo discontinued the management services provided by Ed Soares and Jorge Guimarães in favor of his head trainer and longtime previous manager Andre Pederneiras, the man in charge at the Nova União training camp. Speaking with FightersOnly today, Soares explained that, just as with dos Santos, there are no hard feelings or ill will held toward Aldo or Pederneiras over the split.

“I wouldn’t say anything went wrong as such, other than Andre feels he doesn’t need our services as management any more. And that’s fine, it wasn’t like we were together since the beginning, we managed him once he became champion,” said Soares. “Andre wanted us to manage him and I think we did a great job for him, we did what we were supposed to do. Now with things happening in Brazil and elsewhere, he felt it was better if he could do things himself.”

Though he harbors no anger toward Aldo for making his decision, Soares admitted that it was one with which he couldn’t agree, as he believes both parties are better off when they’re working together.

“I don’t necessarily agree with the decision he made but he is his own man and if that’s what they want then sure, best of luck. It was a surprise to me and I was disappointed; Jose is a great kid and a great person and he is about to have his first child… he has to do what is best for him,” he said. “Jose is one of the best fighters in the world and we are one of the best management groups in the world. We are both going to be strong without each other but I do feel we would be stronger together. I always believe that together we make a stronger union. We are much stronger together than we are separate. But Jose not being with us won’t change him, and it won’t change us.”